November 6, 2007

WSO2: A lightweight, fast, and free ESB

Open source WSO2 ESB 1.0 makes XML messaging easy to deploy and easy to manage, but lacks high-availability options

November 5, 2007

Progress Sonic and Cape Clear blaze the SOA trail

Duelling ESB suites continue to advance on service-oriented integration, offering a choice between simple and affordable or sophisticated and costly   

October 29, 2007

The perils of dirty data

How important is data cleansing and validation? Read these tales of horror, and beware

October 29, 2007

Microsoft lands a winning SSL VPN in Whale

Internet Access Gateway 2007  allows secure access with plenty of app support

October 22, 2007

Which Linux should I choose?

We chose Ubuntu, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Here are half a dozen viable alternatives

October 22, 2007

Don’t panic! (Seven ways to troubleshoot Ubuntu)

Stability is a Linux strong suit. But when things go wrong, here’s how to go about the repair work -- or get the help you need

October 22, 2007

Making the most of Linux multimedia

No single Linux distribution can compete with Windows’ hardware compatibility. But you’ll find a surprising breadth of support for graphics hardware

October 22, 2007

Getting connected with Ubuntu

No useful desktop is an island. With Linux, network communication, file sharing, printing, and so on are easier than you think

October 22, 2007

Linux desktop applications

Worried that you won’t have enough applications to choose from when you switch to Linux on the desktop? If all you need are mainstream business apps, don’t sweat it

October 22, 2007

Windows to desktop Linux in three easy steps

You like the idea of a free, lightweight OS. But isn’t installing and using Linux on a desktop painful? Not if you use this guide

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