June 17, 2008

Pimp my datacenter

What happens when you build the datacenter you really want?

June 12, 2008

Product review: Denodo brings old-school polish to new-fangled mashups

Denodo Platform marries sophisticated tools for working with relational databases and smart tools for importing data from Web, e-mail, and other unstructured sources

June 6, 2008

Product review: Raritan makes a power play

Raritan enters managed PDU market with the Raritan PX line

May 27, 2008

Open source on the wire

It’s already on your servers, why not running your network?

May 8, 2008

Product review: The sweetest wireless LAN system

Ruckus Wireless' ZoneFlex Smart WLAN System is powerful, easy, and yes, smart, making managed wireless networks a no-brainer for small deployments

May 7, 2008

Product review: .Net comes to WebSphere Portal

Mainsoft lets .Net developers build WebSphere portlets, and it allows WebSphere to talk to SharePoint, to boot

April 29, 2008

Product review: Sutus Business Central BC200

Sutus has small offices covered with crisp telephony, clever workspaces, networking and security, and a nice price

April 29, 2008

Product review: Fonality PBXtra 4.0

PBXtra takes the crown with a low-cost combination of usability, unlimited extensions, good Outlook integration, and slick reporting

April 29, 2008

Product review: Critical Links EdgeBox Business

Critical Links' "office in a box" ups functionality, and complexity, in bundle of e-mail, filer, Web server, and Asterisk telephony

April 29, 2008

Product review: Allworx 24x

Allworx wows with a smorgasbord of flexible telephony features, but setup and administration can be daunting

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