June 30, 2008

Product review: Kemp Load Master goes beyond the basics

Kemp Technologies puts a shine on load balancing with easy and flexible configuration

June 30, 2008

Product review: Barracuda Load Balancer leads with value

Barracuda appliance delivers the load balancing essentials, if few frills, at a terrific price

April 3, 2008

Lab test: Packeteer iShaper is the new king of CIFS

Packeteer's combination WAN accelerator and traffic shaper is second to none in speed of CIFS transfers, and among the leaders in overall performance; however, the benefits of shared byte-level caching await the next release

November 29, 2007

GroundWork: Something old, something new

GroundWork Monitor wraps the trusty but crusty Nagios open source monitoring system with a modern management GUI and commercial options

November 29, 2007

Zenoss: Open source manager conquers native Windows monitoring

Zenoss Core 2.1 impresses with strong device discovery, relationship tracking, open source extensibility, and a functional WMI implementation

November 15, 2007

Coyote Point load balancer sticks to the essentials

Equalizer E550si doesn't match the traffic acceleration features of high-end competitors, but delivers most everything else at a winning price

November 12, 2007

Citrix NetScaler meets the need for speed

Version 8 of Citrix's Web application delivery appliance combines rich acceleration features and easy administration, offering a good value to large and busy sites

October 11, 2007

A time machine for your network

Network Instruments' GigaStor appliance combines complete traffic capture, deep analysis, and even session playback, making an effective if expensive tool for solving network performance and security problems

September 10, 2007

Best of open source in enterprise monitoring

GroundWork, Hyperic, Qlusters, and Zenoss put the Tivolis and OpenViews on notice

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