May 7, 2004

The return of the mobile enterprise

Faster wireless service, bulletproof security, and better hardware pave the way for a mobile comeback

January 23, 2004

Access data anywhere with Everyplace

Mobile version of IBM’s DB2 database is a smooth operator

December 12, 2003

The path to pervasive computing

Consumer electronics show us the way

November 7, 2003

InfoWorld 100

Enterprise IT at its innovative best

October 3, 2003

OneNote makes tablet sing

Microsoft’s audio and digital note-taking tool is useful even to sloppy scribblers

August 22, 2003

J2ME connects corporate data to wireless devices

Sacrificing proprietary gimmicks for software portability, J2ME leads the way

August 22, 2003

Pitfalls of J2ME development

Vague specs and hardware differences pose problems for programmers

May 30, 2003

Battle-tested tech: communications

Integrated military strategy provides a lesson for enterprise IT

May 30, 2003

Battle-tested tech

As IT takes center stage in the war theater, the military becomes the ultimate enterprise lab

March 14, 2003

Seven keeps on-the-go users in touch with e-mail

Seven Networks' software links Sprint and Cingular phones to corporate collaboration services

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