January 21, 2005

SecureCore shields server memory

Determina's host IDS, Memory Firewall technology work well but lack polish

January 21, 2005

Reeling in the phishers

Coalition is prepared to move in as soon as phishy activity surfaces

January 7, 2005

V-Secure closes the loop on worms

V-Secure IPS Version 7.0 adds bi-directional, behavior-based protection, taking aim at internal networks

December 30, 2004

The best products of 2004

The most innovative and effective solutions among the nearly 300 products we tested during the year, the following 33 products are our Technology of the Year Award winners.

December 30, 2004

On the road to prevention

Networking and security vendors steer toward granular control

December 3, 2004

Hands-free host protection

Determina's memory firewall thwarts Windows vulnerability exploits without signatures or training

November 19, 2004

The top 20 IT mistakes to avoid

InfoWorld’s CTO tells tales from the trenches, flagging the most common IT mistakes that can ruin peace of mind and even careers

October 29, 2004

Big picture security

A multiplicity of threats yields an ever-expanding variety of defenses spewing gobs of security data. Security event information management aims to deliver a 20,000-foot view of the threatscape

October 8, 2004

Barbedwire DP Inspector boasts an impressive security resume

Despite management shortcomings, the solution proves a one-stop shop for network security

October 1, 2004

Counter-spies on the LAN

For networked, enterprise-wide spyware and adware protection, both Computer Associates and Tenebril are strong contenders

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