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November 17, 2005

When mainframes make sense

For some companies, the costs and challenges of migration make sticking with Big Iron a no-brainer

November 17, 2005

Is it time to scrap your Big Iron?

Mainframes have a storied history in the enterprise, but today's distributed server environments could herald the final chapter

November 7, 2005

Steps to SOA No. 3: Survey your surroundings

Take careful inventory of existing resources, determining which applications and data sources will be involved in your first deployment

November 7, 2005

Making SOA work

Four companies explain how they met the challenge of implementing service-oriented architecture

November 7, 2005

Steps to SOA No. 7: Lay your security plans

Inside the firewall, security may be relatively simple; but transactions that span multiple parties often indicate standards-based authentication

November 7, 2005

Sabre's customer-driven SOA

The travel solutions provider Web services-enabled its applications in response to customer demand

November 7, 2005

British American Tobacco builds SOA one step at a time

Flush with early success, the company has begun transitioning legacy systems across the enterprise

November 7, 2005

Steps to SOA No. 1: Think big, start small

High-maintenance trouble spots in your organization can provide a great opportunity to demonstrate the value of an SOA approach

November 7, 2005

Steps to SOA No. 5: Choose and deploy a registry or repository

A registry or repository provides a nexus where services are discovered -- and forms a clearinghouse for valuable metadata about your SOA

November 7, 2005

Steps to SOA No. 2: Go to the whiteboard

It all starts with breaking processes into services in concert with business stakeholders -- before you make any technology decisions

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