October 8, 2004

Hardware-based security: The bug stops here

A new feature in Windows XP Service Pack 2 aims to put a stop to buffer overrun exploits, with the help of major chip vendors

October 8, 2004

CPM software: an elegant way to measure business indicators

The right information, right now eschews assumptions, giving upper management new insight

October 4, 2004

Product Previews

Cray XD1, MySQL 4.1, Business Objects Sarbanes-Oxley Analytic Solution, and NetIQ's AppManager Performance Profiler

September 3, 2004

Product Previews

Aruba Series 60 Grid Points, AEP Systems SureWare A-Gate AG-1200, EMC Celerra NS500, FileMaker Server 7 Advanced

September 3, 2004

Radiant Logic, MaXware give directories a virtual twist

RadiantOne, MaXware Virtual Directory present a variety of data sources as one directory

August 13, 2004

Fast and friendly database protection

Imceda's LiteSpeed fills important holes in native SQL Server backups

August 6, 2004

Entegra maintains SQL integrity

Lumigent's SQL Server auditing solution observes unobtrusively

August 6, 2004

Keeping data confidential

Prying eyes can cost companies big time, especially when medical records are exposed. These techniques for obscuring database records can help

August 6, 2004

DbEncrypt protects databases at the column level

Granular encryption extends deep into your SQL Server or Oracle databases

July 23, 2004

FastObjects gives .Net databases an object-oriented option

Database technology uses transparent persistence to reduce code-writing drudgery

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