May 7, 2007

SugarCRM: Open source on the fast track

Back in 2004, the idea of an enterprise application based on open source code was off the wall. Today, SugarCRM is a striking example of what community-based development and viral marketing can do

May 7, 2007

Locked datacenter?! Well, let me get that for you

Stupid user trick No. 4: Key management 101

May 7, 2007

Yet another cleaning lady story

Stupid user trick No. 2: Server room. Windex. Zot

May 7, 2007

Poor purchasing oversight

Stupid user trick No. 1: Wherein "overnight" means overnight

April 30, 2007

Rootkits: The next big enterprise threat?

Capable of cloaking malware, rootkits are fast infiltrating the enterprise to expose sensitive data without detection

April 23, 2007

Homegrown high-performance computing

Bringing HPC in-house promises rich rewards -- here's how four organizations overcame the diverse challenges of DIY clustering

April 12, 2007

Get a grip on communications slips

Code Green, InBoxer, MessageGate, and Palisade compete to prevent costly data loss

April 9, 2007

Altova DatabaseSpy makes DBs user-friendly

Boasting some impressive features, easy-to-use query tool is a boon for non-DBAs

April 9, 2007

What the enterprise can learn from consumer technologies

Hone your competitive edge by appropriating what it takes to win over end-users in the consumer space

April 2, 2007

Exclusive: Coral8 presents a sea of CEP opportunity

Coral8 Engine 4.6 speeds deployment of complex event processing with easy SQL-like programming

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