August 13, 2008

Inside Amazon Web Services

From storage to payment, the king of clouds is dangling an array of low-cost services. We take a close look at the tools for IT and developers.

July 21, 2008

Cloud versus cloud: A guided tour of Amazon, Google, AppNexus, and GoGrid

Cloud computing offerings differ in depth, breadth, style, and fine print; beneath the heady metaphor lurk familiar pitfalls, complex pricing, and many questions

July 17, 2008

Test Center preview: Microsoft's "Katmai" is filled to the brim

SQL Server 2008 release candidate sports improvements across the board, but the head turners – and disappointments – will mostly impact large shops

June 10, 2008

Product review: Windows Search 4.0 found slim and trim

The upgrade to Windows' integrated search tool improves performance for users while adding much-needed manageability features for IT

June 4, 2008

Oracle Database 11g shoots the moon

Oracle's enormous 11g release rumbles with an impressive array of performance and management aids, elegant application testing, standbys that earn their keep, and the promise of lower storage requirements

May 5, 2008

Product review: Zoho CRM aims big, hits small

New Enterprise Edition delivers SMB-worthy features at a rock-bottom price, but key shortcomings make it a poor match for large sales and service teams

March 26, 2008

Product review: Ultimus jump-starts BPM deployment

Microsoft-centric suite offers a respectable low-cost entry into BPM with tools for graphical process design, Web services support, and good administration with minimal technical requirements

February 29, 2008

InfoWorld Test Center Guide: Content management systems

Before you invest in a CMS, be it a high-end corporate solution or an open source alternative, learn which features are important

February 18, 2008

Product review: Open source reporting goes corporate

JasperServer Professional and Pentaho Reporting build on famous Java open source libraries for generating reports, but they’re no longer for developers only; rapidly gaining on traditional heavyweights, both score with user-friendly query tools and sophisticated front ends

January 21, 2008

Product review: Lombardi Teamworks conquers BPM with superb tools, flexible execution

Lombardi Teamworks 6 Enterprise sets the curve with superior simulation and analysis tools, nicely integrated performance monitoring, and unmatched ease of development for IT and business users

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