Netgear ReadyData 52009.3 - Excellent
VMware Virtual SAN 1.09.2 - Excellent
Dell XPS 15 Touch9.0 - Excellent
Riverbed Granite 2.58.9 - Very Good
LastPass - Very Good
August 18, 2005

Seeing the future with BI

Tedious data mining and static reports have had their day. The new business intelligence applies business analytics to fresh data and puts analysis in the hands of those who need it

August 8, 2005

Open source RFID

Free tag and EPC data management software is in its infancy, but looks promising

August 8, 2005

Open source business intelligence

Low-cost alternatives to costly reporting tools will arrive soon

August 8, 2005

A buyer's guide to open source

Open source provides low-cost, community-supported alternatives to commercial enterprise apps

July 11, 2005

Making sense of storage management

In a world where compliance encourages companies to save everything, emerging standards promise flexibility and control for heterogeneous storage environments

June 27, 2005

Omniture streamlines Web smarts

SiteCatalyst 12 and Discover tools make it easier to dig deeper into visitor behavior

June 6, 2005

Taking charge of the enterprise information lifecycle

New, more intelligent storage tools promise better information management from start to finish

June 6, 2005

SNIA works toward ILM standards

Industry body defines terms, best practice for enterprise information management

May 9, 2005

IBM goes the distance with Marathon

Valuable advice from an oil company exec who outsourced three major accounting processes

May 9, 2005

Product previews

DataFlux marries data quality with integration, Avatier uses Web services for ID management, Tacit boosts collaboration, and Packeteer touts enterprise-level VPN accelerator

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