June 12, 2008

Product review: Denodo brings old-school polish to new-fangled mashups

Denodo Platform marries sophisticated tools for working with relational databases and smart tools for importing data from Web, e-mail, and other unstructured sources

June 11, 2008

Lab test: Telligent Community Server 2008 spurs collaboration

Blogs, forums, and media galleries integrate with enterprise applications through Web services

June 10, 2008

Product review: Windows Search 4.0 found slim and trim

The upgrade to Windows' integrated search tool improves performance for users while adding much-needed manageability features for IT

June 4, 2008

Oracle Database 11g shoots the moon

Oracle's enormous 11g release rumbles with an impressive array of performance and management aids, elegant application testing, standbys that earn their keep, and the promise of lower storage requirements

May 30, 2008

Product review: Titus Labs helps stop e-mail slips

Titus Labs Message Classification proves an easy and flexible way to enforce data sensitivity labeling in Outlook

May 29, 2008

Lab Test: Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite 7.0 builds on Web 2.0 tech

Injection of AJAX, wikis, and RSS, along with improved tagging and search options, make Xythos a strong choice for bringing order to unstructured content

May 14, 2008

Product review: Jive Software's social enterprise portal

Clearspace 2.0 makes the business case for social software with SharePoint integration, workable project management, and document sharing with external users

May 7, 2008

Product review: .Net comes to WebSphere Portal

Mainsoft lets .Net developers build WebSphere portlets, and it allows WebSphere to talk to SharePoint, to boot

May 5, 2008

Product review: Zoho CRM aims big, hits small

New Enterprise Edition delivers SMB-worthy features at a rock-bottom price, but key shortcomings make it a poor match for large sales and service teams

April 14, 2008

Fat, fatter, fattest: Microsoft's kings of bloat

Our tests show that Windows Vista and Office 2007 not only smash Redmond's previous records for weight gain, but given the same hardware diet, run at less than half the speed of generation XP

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