May 14, 2008

Product review: Jive Software's social enterprise portal

Clearspace 2.0 makes the business case for social software with SharePoint integration, workable project management, and document sharing with external users

May 12, 2008

First look: Google's high-flying cloud for Python code

Google App Engine simplifies the problem of deploying and scaling Web applications, but not without a few wrinkles and question marks

May 7, 2008

Product review: .Net comes to WebSphere Portal

Mainsoft lets .Net developers build WebSphere portlets, and it allows WebSphere to talk to SharePoint, to boot

April 24, 2008

Product review: Adobe Flex Builder speeds RIA development

Version 3.0 of the Eclipse-based Flex IDE hits the high notes with real-time charting, wizards for data binding and Web services, new tools for app profiling, and support for AIR; Creative Suite integration could use improvement

April 23, 2008

The Test Center guide to rich Web app dev tools

Frameworks for rich Internet applications can be lightweight or heavyweight, open or closed, and almost anything in between

April 21, 2008

Product review: Adobe breathes fresh AIR into RIA

Adobe's rich Internet application toolkit lifts Flash and AJAX out of the browser and onto the desktop; debut release shines with light technical requirements and good features, though security and OS integration could go deeper

April 17, 2008

Product review: WaveMaker’s point-and-click Java

WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio and Rapid Deployment Framework make a fast and simple facade for Hibernate and Tomcat

April 15, 2008

Adventures in lightweight Internet app development

Follow InfoWorld's first steps in lightweight app development for emerging mobile devices and desktop widgets

April 7, 2008

Product review: Curl 6.0 enrichens the rich Internet toolkit 

Latest release of the RIA development framework is highlighted by easier customization, more sophisticated effects, AJAX interoperability, and a native-looking Mac port

March 26, 2008

Product review: Ultimus jump-starts BPM deployment

Microsoft-centric suite offers a respectable low-cost entry into BPM with tools for graphical process design, Web services support, and good administration with minimal technical requirements

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