May 1, 2008

Exclusive product review: Infortrend EonStor B12S delivers big with small-form-factor drives

Built around 2.5-inch drives, EonStor B12S storage array yields space and energy savings without skimping on performance and features

March 24, 2008

Product review: Sun's StorageTek Honeycomb is sticky and sweet

Innovative, scalable storage system meets the special needs of "fixed content" archiving with a cellular architecture, easy management, strong performance, and extraordinary resilience

January 31, 2008

Product review: Synology Cube Station breaks the low-end NAS wide open

The size of a paint can, the CS407 houses 4TB of RAID 5 storage, speaks almost any file sharing protocol you might think of using, and its embedded Linux OS is open to additions; on the downside, its breadth of capabilities will tempt you to overload its somewhat meager system resources

September 17, 2007

Adaptec's little SAN that can

Exclusive: Snap Server 720i, an entry-level iSCSI SAN, packs big features in a small format

September 10, 2007

Dell bulks up storage appliance

Dell PowerVault MD3000i adds iSCSI to already solid appliance

September 10, 2007

Exclusive: NetApp crowns new entry-level storage array king

High-capacity FAS2020 raises bar for manageability, performance

July 5, 2007

Fast guide to fancy SAN management

From automated data migration to virtualization, these high-end features have made their way down to midrange storage systems

July 5, 2007

Midrange SANs master high-end features

Compellent, iQstor, and Xiotech combine sophisticated enterprise capabilities with amazing ease

June 18, 2007

Suit up your storage network with business sense

Transform your storage environment into a competitive advantage with these business-conscious storage management solutions

June 7, 2007

Sun Fire X4500 server crams 48 drives into 4U

The "Thumper" redefines storage performance — as long as you run this behemoth on Solaris

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