Netgear ReadyData 52009.3 - Excellent
VMware Virtual SAN 1.09.2 - Excellent
Dell XPS 15 Touch9.0 - Excellent
Riverbed Granite 2.58.9 - Very Good
LastPass - Very Good
December 6, 2007

Trolltech trumps traditional Java GUI tools

Iconic GUI toolkit vendor brings its rich recipe to Java, though C++ orientation remains

November 26, 2007

Clean up your SOAP-based Web services

The Test Center inspects five worthy tools for keeping your services squeaky clean

November 19, 2007

Blaze Advisor 6.5 springs forward, falls back

Verification and automated testing for business rules bring more reliability to rule services; if only the new tools were easier to use

November 6, 2007

WSO2: A lightweight, fast, and free ESB

Open source WSO2 ESB 1.0 makes XML messaging easy to deploy and easy to manage, but lacks high-availability options

November 5, 2007

Progress Sonic and Cape Clear blaze the SOA trail

Duelling ESB suites continue to advance on service-oriented integration, offering a choice between simple and affordable or sophisticated and costly   

November 1, 2007

From BPM, ERP, Adobe LiveCycle bridges apps across the board

Flash and PDF combine with J2EE server to streamline IT development and reduce support costs

October 29, 2007

The perils of dirty data

How important is data cleansing and validation? Read these tales of horror, and beware

October 22, 2007

Linux desktop applications

Worried that you won’t have enough applications to choose from when you switch to Linux on the desktop? If all you need are mainstream business apps, don’t sweat it

October 22, 2007

Windows to desktop Linux in three easy steps

You like the idea of a free, lightweight OS. But isn’t installing and using Linux on a desktop painful? Not if you use this guide

October 16, 2007

Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 packs plenty

With goodies for end-users as well as admins, including a new clusterless fail-over option, the imminent SP1 is one to watch

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