Google Chrome - Infoworld en Microsoft concedes Chromebooks are work-worthy <p>Microsoft on Monday conceded that Google's Chrome OS and the Chromebooks the operating system powers are capable of doing real work, a reversal of its "Scroogled" campaign that once blasted the laptops as worthless.</p> <p>Almost as an afterthought, Microsoft yesterday announced it was bringing its free Office Online apps -- Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote -- to rival Google's Chrome Web store, the primary distribution channel for Chrome OS software.</p> Cloud Computing Computer Hardware Google Google Chrome Microsoft Laptop PCs SaaS Tue, 15 Apr 2014 14:06:25 +0000 admin 240503 at Preview: Google's tantalizing Mobile Chrome App SDK <div id="blog-edit" style="padding: 8px; background: none no-repeat scroll center top #ffffff; position: relative; float: right; width: 243px; height: 192px;"><img src="" alt="Preview: Google's tantalizing Mobile Chrome App SDK" width="243" height="182" align="right" /><br /><em><p align="right">Credit: Naomi Anderson</p></em></div> Application Development Mobile Technology Open Source Software Google Chrome Application Development Development Tools HTML5 Mobile Development Mobile Technology Wed, 12 Mar 2014 10:00:00 +0000 Doug Dineley 237926 at 50 tips and tricks for Chrome power users <p>Google's Chrome browser is full of shortcuts, hidden functions, and tweaks that can save you time and improve your workflow. All you have to do is carve out a few minutes and learn how to take advantage of 'em.</p> <p>So read on -- and get ready to transform the way you use your browser.</p> Applications Google Chrome Web Browsers Mon, 03 Mar 2014 11:00:00 +0000 Jason Snyder 237112 at Google makes good on threat, flips 'kill switch' on some Chrome add-ons <p>Google today upgraded Chrome to version 33, fulfilling its promise to block more add-ons in the Windows browser and quashing 28 bugs.</p> <p>The promotion of the new tools and features to Chrome's "Stable" channel, one of three that the Mountain View, Calif. company maintains, had been trumpeted previously, and baked into rougher builds.</p> Applications Security Google Google Chrome Patch Management Web Browsers Fri, 21 Feb 2014 12:40:37 +0000 admin 236761 at Google expands bug bounty program, ups Patch program rewards <p>Google is broadening its bug bounty program for security researchers to encompass all Chrome apps and extensions made by the company. It's also upping payments for its Patch Rewards Program, focused on improvements for open-source code.</p> <p>The company <a href="" target="_blank">pays</a> independent researchers for finding problems such as cross-site scripting flaws, SQL injection or authentication problems under its Vulnerability Reward Program, which started in November 2010.</p> Security Google Google Chrome Application Testing Application Security Wed, 05 Feb 2014 12:53:54 +0000 admin 235749 at Google tackles top security complaint among Chrome users <p>Google is bolstering its defenses against what it says is the number one complaint among Chrome users, the hijacking of browser settings by malicious code hidden in free downloads such as screensavers, games and video plugins.</p> <p>The company is enhancing the Chrome feature that enables users to reset their browser settings to their original defaults in order to remove all malicious plugins and apps. Besides providing the reset option, Google will also alert users when browser settings have been changed and provide the option of one-click reset.</p> Applications Security Google Google Chrome Application Security Malware Web Browsers Tue, 04 Feb 2014 16:18:37 +0000 admin 235627 at Google dismisses eavesdropping threat in Chrome <p>Google said there's no threat from a speech recognition feature in its Chrome browser that a developer said could be used to listen in on users.</p> <p>Web developer Tal Ater <a href="" target="_blank">wrote</a> he found the multiple bugs in Chrome while working on a JavaScript speech recognition software library he maintains, called "annyang."</p> Applications Security Google Chrome Hacking Web Browsers Security Thu, 23 Jan 2014 12:16:25 +0000 admin 234824 at Chrome spammers duped users, developers -- and Google too <div id="tw-edit" style="padding: 8px; background: none no-repeat scroll center top #ffffff; position: relative; float: right; width: 243px; height: 182px;"><img src="" alt="Chrome spammers duped users, developers -- and Google too" width="243" height="182" align="right" /></div><p>Google Chrome's <a href="">culture of extensions and add-ons</a> is a big part of the browser's appeal, even though some add-ons turn out to be either n Applications Security Google Google Chrome Malware Web Browsers Tue, 21 Jan 2014 18:08:25 +0000 InfoWorld Tech Watch 234652 at Spammers buy Google Chrome extensions and turn them into adware <p>Changes in Google Chrome extension ownership can expose thousands of users to aggressive advertising and possibly other threats, two extension developers have recently discovered.</p> <p>At least two Chrome extensions recently sold by their original developers were updated to inject ads and affiliate links into legitimate websites opened in users' browsers.</p> Applications Security Google Google Chrome Anti-spam Cyber Crime Web Browsers Tue, 21 Jan 2014 13:15:17 +0000 admin 234573 at Chrome feature cuts mobile data used by up to half, Google says <p>Google is adding a feature to its Chrome mobile browser that can reduce data usage by up to 50 percent, which could avoid extra data charges from carriers.</p> <p>The feature, which manages bandwidth and compresses data, will be in Chrome for Android and iOS, wrote Matt Welsh, a Google software engineer, on a company blog.</p> Mobile Technology Google Google Chrome Android iOS Mobile Apps Web Browsers Wed, 15 Jan 2014 16:48:09 +0000 admin 234272 at Google stages coup against Windows 8 with Chrome OS-like update for Metro <p>Google yesterday revamped the Windows 8 Metro app version of its new Chrome 32 browser to resemble Chrome OS, the operating system that powers Chromebooks.</p> <p>It also promoted several major changes in Chrome's "stable" channel that it had earlier trumpeted in rougher builds of the browser -- including audio indicators on tabs, a more aggressive anti-malware blocker, and a parental spying tool -- and patched 11 security vulnerabilities.</p> Applications Microsoft Windows Google Google Chrome Windows 8 Microsoft Windows Web Browsers Wed, 15 Jan 2014 15:45:11 +0000 admin 234265 at LG embraces Chrome OS, announces all-in-one desktop <p>LG Electronics is planning to unveil its first product built around the Google Chrome operating system at the International CES show in Las Vegas next month.</p> <p>The all-in-one Chromebase desktop computer is targeted at consumers and business users, and is described by LG as "the perfect device" for taking advantage of Google's online products such as Gmail, Drive, Search, Maps, YouTube, Play or Google+ Hangouts.</p> Computer Hardware Google Chrome Desktop PCs Wed, 18 Dec 2013 13:55:29 +0000 admin 232859 at Google goes offline with Chrome Apps for Mac <p>Google yesterday launched its new packaged apps, dubbed "Chrome Apps," for the Mac, making good on a promise from September when it kicked off testing.</p> Applications Google Chrome Mac OS X Applications Fri, 13 Dec 2013 12:14:24 +0000 uphan 232616 at Google Chrome allows Web search via voice, no typing needed <p>Laptop and desktop users can now do a Google search without typing just by speaking aloud, with a Chrome extension that Google made available on Tuesday.</p> <p>The browser extension, Google Voice Search Hotword, can be downloaded from the <a href="" target="_blank">Chrome Web Store</a> and is available both for the desktop and laptops. Google designates it as being in beta.</p> Applications Google Chrome Web Services Search Engines Applications Wed, 27 Nov 2013 11:58:08 +0000 admin 231724 at Google fixes Chrome vulnerabilities exploited at Pwn2Own hacking contest <p>Google released emergency security updates for Chrome in order to patch critical vulnerabilities demonstrated Thursday by a security researcher at the Mobile Pwn2Own hacking competition.</p> <p>The vulnerabilities <a href="" target="_blank">were exploited by a security researcher who uses the pseudonym Pinkie Pie</a> to achieve arbitrary code execution on a Nexus 4 and a Samsung Galaxy S4 device, earning him a prize of $50,000 in the contest.</p> Applications Security Google Google Chrome Application Security Mobile Apps Mobile Security Hacking Patch Management Web Browsers Vulnerability Assessment Fri, 15 Nov 2013 13:47:22 +0000 admin 230948 at Chrome 31 pushes Web apps a step closer to desktop apps <div id="tw-edit" style="padding: 8px; background: none no-repeat scroll center top #ffffff; position: relative; float: right; width: 243px; height: 182px;"><img src="" alt="Chrome 31 pushes Web apps a step closer to desktop apps" width="243" height="182" align="right" /></div> <p>When Google released Chrome 31 this week, it snuck in an extra goodie under the hood: the <a href="" target="_blank">Portable Native Client</a>, aka PNaCl ("pinnac Applications HTML5 Google Chrome HTML5 Web Browsers Wed, 13 Nov 2013 11:00:00 +0000 InfoWorld Tech Watch 230709 at Google bans Windows Chrome extensions found outside the Chrome Web Store <p>The sad march towards tribal fiefdoms continued Thursday, as Google announced that it will only allow Chrome for Windows users to download extensions hosted by Google's own Chrome Web Store starting in January.</p><p>Google says the decision to transform Chrome into a gated community stems from security concerns, in an echo of the official reason that Microsoft moved to the Windows Store model to distribute modern UI apps. Google engineering director Erik Kay points the finger at the damage caused by rogue extensions in a blog post detailing the lock-down.</p> Applications Google Google Chrome Web Browsers Fri, 08 Nov 2013 11:58:53 +0000 ccraig 230489 at Chrome browser will block malware downloads <p>Google has developed a security feature for Chrome that lets the browser detect and stop malware downloads.</p> <p>Browser hijacking and other browser-based malware infections are on the rise and Google needs to protect Chrome users with native security features, the company said. It is testing the feature in a pre-release version of the browser.</p> Applications Security Google Google Chrome Malware Web Browsers Fri, 01 Nov 2013 16:14:15 +0000 admin 230032 at Google pledges to support Chrome on XP into 2015 <p>Google today stuck a finger in Microsoft's eye, telling users of Windows XP that its Chrome browser will support their aged operating system a year longer than will Microsoft's Internet Explorer.</p> <p>"We're extending support for Chrome on Windows XP, and will continue to provide regular updates and security patches until at least April 2015," said Mark Larson, Chrome's director of engineering, on a company <a href="" target="_blank">blog</a> Wednesday.</p> Applications Microsoft Windows Google Google Chrome Internet Explorer (IE) Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows Web Browsers Thu, 17 Oct 2013 11:26:42 +0000 admin 228921 at Security experts recommend safeguards with Chrome personal data store <p>Google Chrome users should take extra precautions when using the browser to type personal data, such as credit card numbers, into website forms, experts say.</p> <p>[<a href="">Google gets kudos for tossing older Chrome plug-in API</a>]</p> Security Google Google Chrome Data Security Encryption Web Browsers Tue, 15 Oct 2013 15:20:04 +0000 admin 228788 at