Brain vs. browser: Take the Chrome IQ test

Find out how much you really know about Google's fast-rising Web browser

By , May 09, 2013

Google's Chrome rates as something of an odd bird: The company that makes the browser -- Google -- is also the company that subsidizes almost 100 percent of Chrome's largest non-Microsoft competitor, Firefox. Many have been predicting the demise of either Chrome or Firefox for years; both browsers are still going strong.

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While the relative merits of the major browsers remains a hotly debated topic, one thing's for sure: Chrome has led the way in all sorts of new browser features. Many curmudgeonly Windows veterans -- present company most certainly included -- rely on Chrome as their go-to browser of choice.

You've sung the praises of Chrome at one time or another, no doubt. But how well do you know the beast that bears you?

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