Dynamic Infrastructure Worldwide Virtual Forum

The world is rapidly becoming more intelligent, more instrumented and more interconnected. It’s becoming smarter.

While at the Dynamic Infrastructure Worldwide Virtual Forum, you will  hear from leading experts on today's IT challenges.  We'll demonstrate how your business can dramatically improve productivity through virtualization, energy efficiency and flexible sourcing.  We’ll also show you how to prepare your infrastructure to address your business needs and to take advantage of emerging capabilities and delivery models such as cloud computing.




11:00 AM    Transforming today's IT infrastructure
                    Jim Stallings
                    General Manager, Global Markets, IBM Systems and Technology Group


12:00 PM    The emerging role of cloud computing in enterprise infrastructure
                     Erich Clementi
                     Vice President, Strategy & General Manager Enterprise Initiatives, IBM


1:00 PM      Global Outlooks and the Challenge of Change

                     Steve Forbes

                     Chairman and CEO of Forbes, Inc.

                     Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine



2:00 PM     Building an energy-efficient dynamic infrastructure
                    Richard Lechner
                    Vice President Energy & Environment, IBM


Let’s build a smarter planet.

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