Server virtualization
Get more compute power out of servers while benefiting from a more adaptable datacenter

SAN and NAS virtualization
Keep pace with ever-increasing storage requirements without skipping a service level

Application and desktop virtualization
Slash desktop management overhead, gain more control, and eliminate application conflicts

Virtualization reality check
Virtualization crosses so many boundaries, expect quite a few roadblocks on the way to a successful initiative

Server virtualization specialists
In addition to the systems management heavyweights, you can look to a number of specialists for virtual machine management and automation

Application and desktop virtualizers
In addition to a handful of blade system and thin client hardware vendors, a number of software providers are working to change the face of desktop computing

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SWSoft offers an innovative, low-overhead approach to server virtualization

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Rough edges mar an otherwise innovative virtualization deployment solution

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PlateSpin, Leostream ease the move to virtual datacenters
Tools help migrate servers to virtual realm but have some room to grow

Server virtualization: Doing more with less
Although server virtualization technologies are still maturing, early customers see real benefits

Virtualized storage, real rewards
Virtualization comes in many guises, but it's here today and can be a valuable part of your storage strategy

Desktop virtualization: Making PCs manageable
Virtualization can reduce the time and expense of managing desktops by a magnitude. But the choice of technologies and approaches is downright dizzying

Virtual databases: An alternative solution
For some applications, virtualized data is more effective than virtual servers

Virtual test benches ease QA
Thanks to virtualization, quality assurance for both desktop and server configurations is getting a whole lot easier

AMD and Intel bake virtualization into chips
Performance increases when software doesn't have to do all the heavy lifting

Xen 3.0 makes paravirtualization mainstream
Open source hypervisor builds virtualization into the OS kernel

XenSource rolls out cross-platform virtualization
Xen, the open source alternative to VMware and Microsoft Virtualization Server, goes commercial

Microsoft looks to Longhorn for virtualization speed-up
Hypervisor close to the kernel should outpace Virtual Server 2005

Virtuozzo caters to high-volume server environments
Multiple virtual servers run on a single kernel with high performance and excellent management

Solaris Containers fill servers to the limit
Sun's built-in Unix virtualization scheme maximizes utilization

Vizioncore's got VMware's back
esxRanger 2.0 offers a slick, simple way to back up VMs

Surgient delivers virtual test labs
Impressive performance offsets VQMS's complexity

Server clustering made simple
HP bundles ProLiant servers with PolyServe’s robust clustered apps for maximum flexibility


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