Federating identity for the Web
User-centric innovations CardSpace and OpenID may finally bring the promise of federation within reach

Understanding OpenID and CardSpace
OpenID and CardSpace are at the forefront of user-centric identity. Here's how they work

Podcast: An identity layer for the Web
Microsoft's Kim Cameron speaks to the advantages of placing the user at the center of enterprise identity systems

Podcast: User-centric identity in the enterprise
Burton Group's Mike Neuenschwander discusses the state of federated identity, delving deep into the business proposition user-centric identity presents

Taking charge of federated identity
A successful identity infrastructure demands unparalleled cooperation, and not just between directories and databases

Solving the identity crisis
Assembling an identity infrastructure is one of the most complex challenges facing today's enterprises, but also one of the most essential. From security to service provisioning, digital identity is changing the face of today's networks.

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