HP settles pretexting cases
Hewlett-Packard settled cases with The New York Times and three BusinessWeek journalists after being caught spying on reporters

State charges dropped in HP spy case
Judge deems conduct a 'betrayal of trust' rather than criminal activity and dismisses remaining charges after defendants fulfilled community service agreement

HP pretexting case may wrap up Thursday
Hearing scheduled for September may have been moved up because the defendants met the judge's requirements for dismissal

HP settles SEC investigation into Perkins resignation
The SEC says that HP should have disclosed that Perkins resigned over disagreements with the company's activities, but it won't impose any punishment on the company

FCC strengthens rules against pretexting
New regulation prohibits telephone, VoIP, and mobile providers from disclosing customer records over the phone without a password

HP case wraps up but pretexting problem remains
The Hewlett-Packard boardroom scandal brought the pretexting problem to light and spurred new legislation, but the issue isn't going away

Reform measure defeated at HP shareholder meeting
Proposal that would allow shareholders to nominate candidates for HP's board is rejected

Update: Charges against Dunn dropped, others get community service deal
Judge dismisses case against the former HP chairwoman, rejects no contest pleas from three other defendants but offers to drop charges for community service

War of words erupts between figures in HP scandal
The attorney for former HP chair Patricia Dunn responds to criticisms of Dunn made by board rival Thomas Perkins

HP appoints new general counsel
Mike Holston succeeds Ann Baskins, who resigned in September amidst HP's leak probe scandal

State drops charges against HP spying defendant
California drops charges against private investigator Bryan Wagner because he has already pled guilty to similar federal charges

State: Charges against HP defendant should be dropped
Because the private investigator has already pleaded guilty to federal charges, the California Attorney General's Office looks to drop similar state charges

Judge orders countersuit against HP to be refiled
Distric Court wants claim to be under the seal of the court so that its contents are not made public, issues restraining order against discussing allegations with the media

California offers Dunn, former HP execs, plea deals
Felony charges could be dropped if defendants each plead guilty to a misdemeanor

Investigator pleads guilty in HP case
Bryan Wagner has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors, who continue to investigate the scandal

HP investigator faces identity-theft charge
Bryan Wagner faces prison time and fines for his role in HP's board leak probe

Congress wants HP's Hurd to explain stock sale
CEO must explain by December 21 why he sold stock just before spy scandal broke

Congress passes 'pretexting' phone records bill
Law Enforcement and Phone Privacy Protection Act will make it illegal to obtain a person's phone records without permission

Update: HP settles civil lawsuit over spying scandal
Hewlett-Packard to pay a 14.5 million settlement; HP executives and private investigators still face criminal charges

Report: Plea talks in HP case, new director named
Five execs will meet with the judge Dec. 4 to discuss possible plea bargains in HP spying case

Hurd says vacant board seats not yet filled
CEO wants to take all the time necessary to find quality members to fill seats vacated after company scandal

Patricia Dunn pleads not guilty
Former HP chairman appears in front of Santa Clara County Supreme Court

HP: Hurd can't recall probe meeting details
CEO says he wishes he could have been more "focused" during meetings with private investigators

HP hires ethics and compliance officer
Jon Hoak to work with outside counsel on independent assessment of HP's investigative practices

HP snoops plead not guilty in pretexting case
HP's former ethics counsel and former chairman Dunn have yet to enter pleas

HP's e-mail tracer in widespread use
Web bug tech is widely used in e-mail newsletters, and in law enforcement in investigations, security experts say

HP's Dunn, Fiorina blame Perkins for downfall
Perkins reportedly talked to the DOJ and California Attorney General's office to complain about tactics used in the leak investigation

Dunn, Hunsaker face HP charges in court
Former HP chairwoman, ethics counsel make brief court appearances to face state allegations that they authorized an investigation of leaks, hired private investigators

Update: HP's Dunn, three others to surrender
Felony charges against five people include using false or fraudulent pretenses, wrongful use of computer data, identity theft, and conspiracy

Report: HP's Dunn, others facing state indictment
California Attorney General Bill Lockeyer is expected to indict over pretexting on Wednesday, the New York Times reports

Corporate leak probes walk a fine line
Debate swirls about the ethics of pretexting, investigating leaks

Following Verizon, Cingular sues HP investigators
Company claims investigators used pretexting to get info on CNET journalist

Pretexting legislation may move ahead in Congress
The full House could vote on Prevention of Fraudulent Access to Phone Records Act as soon as late Friday or Saturday

Verizon sues pretexters in HP case
Suit alleges that HP investigators faked identities to obtain phone records

Update: Lawmakers grill Dunn, Hurd over pretexting
CEO Hurd testifies he did not read a March report describing the use of pretexting

Analysts: HP’s business unlikely to be tainted
Scandal may be an embarrassment, but it isn’t likely to affect value of products and services

HP approves $3.7M severance package for top lawyer
Ann Baskins resigned Thursday just before a U.S. Congress subcommittee hearing on HP's investigation methods into boardroom leaks

Update: HP general counsel quits, takes 5th
HP veteran Ann Baskins has resigned and has refused to testify before the panel regarding the company pretexting

HP CEO: Pretexting probe a 'rogue'
In an advance copy of his testimony, Hurd said the end came to justify the means

House panel subpoenas data brokers for HP hearing
Five new "pretexters" called in to testify

House panel on HP scandal adds second day of hearings
Major wireless phone carriers have been invited to testify

HP lawyer gives blow-by-blow of leak probe
Independent investigator determines Dunn authorized two separate investigations into leaks

HP's Hurd confirms probe OK, Dunn resigns
Hurd says he approved the probe but not the "innapropriate tactics"; Dunn steps down amid reports she monitored the tactics

CA attorney General: No evidence yet to charge Hurd
Investigation ongoing so no one is ruled out yet, spokesman says

SEC broadens its probe of HP
HP agrees not to file lawsuits against two former directors caught up in the boardroom scandal

Hurd to hold briefing on HP analysis of spying scandal
HP's CEO takes first public acts to address the company's burgeoning spy scandal

Report: Hurd knew of planned deception campaign
Report implicates Hurd in plan to uncover the source of leaks by feeding false information to a phony HP insider

Dunn to 'set the record straight' in HP case
Embattle HP chairman is inducted into the Bay Area Hall of Fame of government and business leaders

House panel widens HP probe
The panel said Wednesday it had asked HP Senior Counsel Kevin Hunsaker and Fred Adler to join the witness list

Update: HP turns over thousands of documents to House panel
House committee is considering federal legislation to make pretexting illegal

HP spying went deeper than previously detailed
Reports say HP's internal investigation included physical, e-mail tracking

House Panel on pretexting asks HP officials to testify
Committee is considering federal legislation to outlaw pretexting in the U.S.

State: We have evidence to charge HP execs
California Attorney General spokesman says they can indict people within HP as well as outside contractors

Update: HP's Dunn to step down in January
CEO Mark Hurd to assume the chairman of the board post

Update: DOJ asking about HP spying allegations
Company is cooperating with inquires about the use of "pretexting" to search phone records

No decision at Sunday HP board meeting
Directors will reconvene late Monday to continue discussions about the board scandal

Update: Criminal charges 'likely' in HP case
Charges are "likely" over the alleged spying scandal, but HP Chairwoman Patricia Dunn says she will not resign

HP fight comes amid changes in boards
Corporate board behavior has changed significantly in past few years, experts say

Reporters' phone records accessed in HP probe
HP admits 'pretexting' was used to obtain journalists' phone records during an internal investigation into board leaks

HP filing reveals details of in-fighting, leaks
George Keyworth won't be nominated for re-election to HP's board amid allegations he leaked confidential info


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