Despite upgrades, security experts fear $100 laptops
The One Laptop per Child program has upped the specs of its laptop and claims the devices will be secure, but security researchers wonder if the project will lead to widespread abuse

Hackers on a plane
A group of security researchers is promoting the expansion of a more formal community for white hat hackers, including the creation of facilities for people to meet to share and forward their work, and distribute grants to aspiring code writers

Research from ShmooCon: JavaScript flaws peril Web
Speaking at the ongoing ShmooCon hacker convention, SPI Dynamics researcher Billy Hoffman painted a dire picture of widespread coding vulnerabilities in many Web sites and online applications

ShmooCon hacker event gets under way
The third annual convention draws security researchers and other experts to debate everything from wireless hacks to data breaches

Zero Day Security blog: Hacking the IED network in Iraq
A security researcher and Naval officer demonstrated efforts by the U.S. military to dissect improvised explosive devices

Zero Day blog: Human implant RFID gets owned
At ShmooCon, independent security researcher Adam Laurie demonstrated techniques for hacking RFID tags implanted inside a live human being

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