Mozilla: 10-day patch guarantee 'not our policy'
Browser maker rescinds executive's pledge made during late-night festivities at Black Hat conference

Mozilla vows to patch any critical flaws in 10 days
Security experts say Mozilla may find it difficult to keep the 10-day promise

Websense lures Web 2.0 attackers with HoneyJax
Threat detection system is designed to root out attacks on social networking sites, blogs, and wikis soon after they are launched

Update: Dateline NBC 'mole' outed, booted at Defcon
In a story of betrayal worthy of an episode of Dateline NBC, undercover producer Michelle Madigan was exposed and forced out of the conference on Friday

Defcon hacking conference infiltrated by 'media mole'
Defcon organizer Dark Tangent claims that a producer from Dateline NBC is at the conference with a hidden camera

Mozilla shares scanning tool, Firefox 3 features
Company reps highlight measures against malware contained in both releases, but also cite goal of fostering more secure coding practices among programmers

Data leak products have security risks
At the Black Hat conference, Matasano researchers presented research showing that many security products introduce new flaws to a system

Black Hat tilts toward business users
Corporate IT managers comprise an estimated 42 percent of hacker confab attendees

VCs see tight market for security startups
According to Black Hat Conference attendees, security had been a hot market, but overcrowding and less-than-anticipated return on investment have cooled investors

Project WOMBAT looks to manage online threats
European project will serve as early warning system by keeping an eye on malware and computer attacks around the world

Web browser attack skirts corporate firewall
Problems in the way browsers work with the DNS can be exploited to give attackers access to other resources on the user's network

Black Hat: Security researchers show how corporate intranets are ripe for emerging attacks
Experts claim that many companies are unknowingly leaving the door open for outsiders to infiltrate and attack their corporate intranets using new hacking techniques such as cross-site request forgery 

Black Hat: Security researchers exercise AJAX attacks
Experts say attacks are made easy by a lack of expertise among developers working with the AJAX language

NSA guru lauds security intelligence sharing
Efforts to share security data are helping to foster community approach necessary to improve IT practices, said an NSA expert presenting at Black Hat

Researchers: Web apps over Wi-Fi puts data at risk
Security experts warn that packet sniffers can collect cookie information while a user is accessing rich Web apps over Wi-Fi

Apple security update may stifle unlocking of iPhone
Update fixes critical flaws ahead of Black Hat demo, but also erases modifications made to firmware, which could limit moves to unlock the iPhone

Apps security to dominate Black Hat
Enterprise IT issues figure prominently on the agenda

Black Hat security presenter turned away at border
German security expert denied entry to the United States for carrying training materials on analyzing software for security vulnerabilities

Black Hat spurs Apple to patch iPhone
Apple has fewer than seven days to patch the iPhone, since an exploit hack is to be demoed at the Black Hat conference


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