Microsoft Windows 7

Programmer unlocks hidden Windows 7 features
Developer posts Blue Badge tool that patches nine system files in Windows 7 and disables the protection scheme Microsoft used to keep eyes off some features that still need work

Test Center benchmarks: Windows 7 unmasked
Measured by runtime specs and performance benchmarks, Windows 7 M3 looks like Vista, and it runs like Vista. Welcome to Windows Vista R2!

First look: Windows 7 takes on Apple and IT needs
Microsoft's antidote to Vista touts lower resource requirements, tighter device integration, and IT-friendly features

Find out if your PC can run Windows 7
InfoWorld releases a free tool so that you can check your system's Windows 7 compatibility, a well as monitor your PC's performance in other areas

If Windows is a dead end, what's next?
Windows 7 looks like lipstick on the Vista pig. Maybe it's time to contemplate the PC after Windows

Windows 7: The 'dog food' tastes bad
My first attempt at a Windows 7 migration left me feeling a bit queasy

Windows 7: Oops! Microsoft did it again!
My initial evaluation of Windows 7 shows that it's really just Vista with a fresh coat of paint

Why Windows 7 will be better than Vista
Microsoft's new OS is being shaped by data phoned home from users' PCs

Enough snap judgments about Windows 7
What happened to careful evaluation of actual products? Instant analyses of the pre-beta version of Windows 7 aren't worth the time it takes to read them.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7
What the next-generation of operating systems aim to offer both Mac and PC users

Microsoft: Windows 7 will run on SSD netbooks
Microsoft is not pushing Vista for netbooks because of its larger footprint, but Windows 7 will be able to comfortably run on netbooks with as little as 16GB of storage

Microsoft previews Windows 7 client OS
Compatibility, user customization, energy efficiency, and multitouch interfaces among the Windows 7 planned enhancements

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