Update: Vista SP1 due in Q1 2008, beta in September
Microsoft says the service pack, the first one for Windows Vista, 'is not a delivery vehicle for new features' and strictly fixes bugs and enhances performance

Businesses having second thoughts about Vista
Survey shows more businesses are planning to stick with the Windows they have, or turn to Linux or Mac OS X

Vista PCs get cool response in Japan
Market watchers thought the long-awaited OS' launch would give the PC market more of a kick

Microsoft: Vista follow-up likely in 2009
VP of development hints at possible features, code name for Microsoft's next client OS

Premium Vista PCs fare well in first week
Overall U.S. PC sales jumped 173 percent for the week ended Feb. 3, and 70 percent of sales were of PCs with Vista Premium preinstalled

Vista hole opens door to 'shout hacking'
Security honeymoon ends with warning on speech recognition

Microsoft's top three Vista security features
A trio of new features -- user account control, Windows Defender, and BitLocker -- have been included in the OS to help enterprise users maintain security

Vista sales could boost PC recycling
Hardware manufacturers prepare for a possible surge in PCs being returned for recycling as consumers upgrade to more powerful, Vista-capable machines

Ready or not, Vista's here
Features like instant upgrade and deep search warrant close attention from admins

Microsoft will change Vista to meet EU requirements
Company complies with EU demands for changes involving Vista's search and security functions as well as fixed document formats

Microsoft talks up Vista security in DC
Exec says 'every time we had a trade-off between compatability or security, we went with security'

Gates brings Vista and Office 2007 to Europe
Round-the-world event brings Microsoft's new OS, software suite to 70 countries in 19 languages

Gates: Vista key to multimedia computing era
Microsoft chairman connects the importance of Vista in today's multimedia climate to the importance of Windows 95 in ushering in the Internet era

Hardware vendors launch powerful Vista PCs
Manufacturers look to soup up their offerings so that consumers can take full advantage of Vista's features

Ballmer dispels notion that Vista is last client OS
Vista press event in New York also features a strong showing from PC manufacturers as Ballmer claims most of Vista's units shipped will be pre-installed on hardware

Hundreds turn out to welcome Windows Vista in Tokyo
Consumer line up to receive first retail copies of Microsoft's new OS

Vista launch starts upgrade clock ticking
Compatibility worries make IT Pros Vista-shy

Countdown to Vista, Office 2007 launch begins in Asia
Customers in Asia gear up for consumer launch of Microsoft's new OS

Vista holds clues to Microsoft's future
From development to release, Vista has changed Microsoft's way of working and may be indicative of the company's direction going forward

Half of pirated Vista is malware
Alleged "cracked" versions of Vista appearing on peer-to-peer networks often turn out to be Trojan horses

Webroot: Vista’s Defender stops only 16% of spyware
Microsoft challenges the study, saying it is confident in Windows Defender

TSMC: Vista adoption will not boost PC sales
TSMC predicts PC sales growth in 2007 will be similar to last year despite the hype of Vista's launch

Partners and retailers rally apps, support for Vista
The first group of Vista programs and apps, including financial apps, security software, and customer management tools, will be ready to go for the OS's January 30 release date

Microsoft already gearing up for Vista service pack
Microsoft is taking feedback from testers for features to go in the first service pack, but has not released a date

Researcher: PatchGuard hotfix stitches up benefit to Microsoft
Microsoft has violated its own policy on making exceptions to PatchGuard's kernel restrictions to the benefit of its own product, security researcher says

NSA helped Microsoft make Vista secure
Revelations about NSA's involvement in Vista's development raise concerns about possible 'back-door' access to data by the spy agency

After month, no rush to adopt Vista
Even some of Microsoft's own products still don't run on Vista

Microsoft offers Vista free to CES exhibitors
Exhibitors may not want to use Vista, as the applications they are showing off in their booth may not be compatible with the new OS

Microsoft, CompUSA to offer Vista early
SMBs buying more than 5 copies will be able to purchase the new OS on the same day as volume license customers

Forrester: Consumers won't rush to Vista
Analysts don't see consumers as early adopters of anything, let alone the latest Microsoft OS

Update: Windows Vista released to manufacturers
Microsoft Co-president Jim Allchin announced Wednesday that Vista had left Redmond

Pressure forces Microsoft to change Vista licensing
Microsoft revamps licensing terms to allow the OS to be uninstalled and re-installed on different machines

Visiting Vista RC2, Part Three
System admins will find much to enjoy in the way of Vista treats for IT

Vista, Office 2007 to launch in U.S. Nov. 30
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 also will be released to business customers at the event in New York City

Microsoft push Vista RTM back to Nov. 8 following critical bug find
Delay due to a bug that would "totally crash the system," according to quality assurance team

Microsoft comforts PC vendors with Vista upgrade
Coupon available to consumers who want to upgrade

MSDN Canada site: Vista, Office 2007 launch event Nov. 23
The site says MS will hold events to introduce Vista and Office 2007 to Canadian business customers, but no U.S. launch has been indicated

Microsoft hands Vista code to security vendors
Company responds to previous complaints from security vendors by allowing them to disable the Security Center management console

Microsoft allows one Vista transfer under new license
Company once again decides what's "normal" for most people and circumstances they're likely to encounter

Vista's DRM features could bedevil AV
Protected Processes feature in question

Vista-ready products to ship by holidays
Microsoft to announce that more than 250 Vista-compatible products will ship in November and December

Microsoft delivers Vista RC2
Final test version rolled out to select group on Friday, on target for release to business customers in November and to consumers in January 2007

Vista, Longhorn get new antipiracy measures
Microsoft's new antipiracy system will force unauthorized or unregistered versions of Windows into a limited-functionality mode

Gartner: Vista to have little effect on PC growth
Consumers may be thinking of other electronics this holiday season

Microsoft, EC tangle over Vista security
The European Commission has again warned Microsoft Vista’s ship date is threatened by antitrust concerns

Vista's not so revolutionary after all
With its high hardware requirement and simply nice features, XP's successor's not worth rushing into

Vista appears stable in RC1
Early testers say Microsoft has a good chance of meeting its release date as the OS is more stable than expected

Update: Microsoft sets Vista pricing, expands beta
Redmond gearing up for Vista's release, expands tester base to about 5 million users

Vista RC1 has few new bells, whistles
Final beta, plus details on price and availability show OS near complete.

Microsoft releases Windows Vista RC1
True to original promises, the company will make its next-generation operating system available to PC makers this fall

Amazon.com leaks Office 2007 date
Microsoft still vague on actual ship date, despite Amazon's specific disclosure

Amazon.com lists Vista prices, ship date
Pre-orders for consumer versions of Vista are being taken at Amazon.com for delivery on Jan. 30, 2007

Microsoft expected to release Vista RC1 within days
Microsoft is expected to be giving product reviewers access to Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) as soon as Tuesday

Microsoft leaks Vista pricing on Web site
The company acknowledged that it "inadvertently" posted Vista retail prices for Canada on its Web site, but then removed the information

Windows Live makes test debut in Vista
Exactly how much Windows Live services will be included in the OS remains unknown

Microsoft releases major Windows Vista beta update
Build 5472 reflects final performance and quality tweaking Microsoft has made as it prepares Release Candidate 1, which is due by Aug. 31

Microsoft's Vista, Office delays complicate partner plans
Company uses purse, perks to woo partners

Microsoft ponders Windows successor
Future OS expected to better leverage multicore chips

Microsoft plans Vista holiday promotions
Move intended to boost PC sales despite the delay in Vista's release

Microsoft weighs strong app IDs for Windows future
Crypto signatures part of future app reputation services

Vista: Evolutionary or revolutionary?
Although not without its shortcomings, the next version of Windows will bring big changes to the desktop and beyond

Interview: Microsoft security chief's new vistas
Ben Fathi talks about the Vista's security features and the future of security

Microsoft releases Vista public beta
Next full beta version of Microsoft's operating system is due in late August

Vista may just mark an OS revolution
A slick interface, cool features, stronger security, and more make for a promising new version of Windows

Longhorn Beta 2 is an impressive package
Improved server OS offers simplified admin, client security boost for Windows enterprises

CA does free antivirus for Vista testers
The free subscription gives Vista beta users access to daily virus updates and Web-based technical support in a bid to entice new customers

Microsoft launches Vista 'certified' partner plan
The new logo program allows hardware and software companies to label their products "certified" to work with Vista

Analysts, users disagree on Vista pros, cons
Enterprise reality could dampen Vista's shock

Vista set to alienate business users
New security features will make for disruptive user experience, Yankee Group warns

Gartner: Vista won't ship until Q2 2007
The general release of the OS will come un about April 2007 if all goes well, the report said

Office consumer editions delayed in line with Vista
Business editions will come earlier, but consumer versions of Office will now be sold starting in January 2007, to follow Vista

Vendors insist PC sales will survive Vista delay
Analyst expects later shipping date to push sales back into early next year, but not to markedly impact overall results

Interview: Bill Gates looks at Vista
Microsoft chief discusses his confidence in Vista and XAML/E

Another view of Vista
Microsoft continues to reveal tantalizing features of its forthcoming OS


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