Microsoft releases first Longhorn public beta
Long-awaited server update with new scripting and command-line technology will be available later this year

Longhorn backs thick client model
Avalon, WinFS, Indigo pillars attract PDC spotlight

Developers get their hands on Microsoft's NGSCB
Microsoft hands out code for security technology previously known as Palladium

Security and Web integration key to Longhorn
Microsoft gives more extensive details about forthcoming client operating system

Microsoft riding Whitehorse for developers
Services-oriented systems enabled with Whidbey tool

SQL Server 'Yukon' to get XML data type
CLR integration also planned for database

Microsoft eyes Web services design tool
Offering to be similar to BEA product

Update: Longhorn gets first showing at PDC
Gates calls the forthcoming OS 'the biggest release of this decade, the biggest since Windows 95'

Web services, XML touted for Longhorn
Microsoft again beats drum for planned operating system

Actional links Web services monitoring to Microsoft
Looking Glass tied to MOM

PDC sketches product road map
Microsoft gives developers early versions of Longhorn and Yukon

IBM previewing DB2 upgrade
'Stinger' release, due in 2004, is first in a series of previews

Microsoft readies Web services apps framework
'Indigo' technology to be touted at Professional Developers Conference 2003

Microsoft offers glimpse of the future
Early Longhorn code will be among items of interest at developers conference

Longhorn hinges on security
Forthcoming operating system, database, and tools need to be less fragile than predecessors

Longhorn details emerge
Information about forthcoming OS posted on Microsoft Longhorn forum

Microsoft to lift lid on Longhorn OS
New user interface likely won't be included in pre-beta release of Longhorn

It's all about Longhorn at Microsoft
Integration, .Net feeding forthcoming OS

Gates: Longhorn to come with server and Office updates
Move rekindles speculation about a server version of Longhorn

Gates: Longhorn is 'a bit scary'
Could be a year or two after its release before users pick it up, he says

Microsoft touts PCs, Longhorn, CE
Company shows off technologies that boost user experience

Update: Longhorn to see light in 2005
First beta due early next year

Longhorn steers WinHEC agenda
Secure Computing Base technology to emerge at Windows show

Microsoft to get technical on Longhorn, 'Palladium'
Company will give first demo of security initiative at WinHEC

Microsoft exec says Longhorn future 'fluid'
Server OS may be released

Leaked Longhorn gets lukewarm reviews
Microsoft says version not final

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