Apple Leopard

Wireless slowly dies after Leopard upgrade, users report
Mac users are experiencing problems with their wireless connections after updating to Leopard

Security geeks say Leopard needs fixing
Leopard's new security features are often implemented incompletely and leave users vulnerable to attack, researcher says

Leopard blows away expectations
With 300 new features, Apples latest OS is slimmer and faster than ever. How'd they do that?

Rain doesn't stop Leopard from roaring in NYC
Some 200 people braved the elements to line up outside the Apple store in SoHo to become the first to buy the new Leopard Mac OS

Apple OS X Leopard: A beautiful upgrade
Finally, a PC Unix that everyone can love. OS X Leopard is a triumph of customer-focused engineering

FileMaker reveals more on Leopard support
FileMaker is aware of two incompatibilities with Leopard and aims to release an update on Nov. 19

Apple's Leopard pounces on Tokyo
The global launch of Apple's update to the Mac OS X operating system begins to unfold around the world

A developer's-eye view of Mac OS X Leopard
Tom Yager explores Apple's newest operating system to identify its strengths as well as weaknesses. The strengths, though, are clearly in the majority.

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