Protesters sue to stop use of French e-voting machines
Voters are concerns about the nature of e-voting and it is being introduced to France

Groups call for e-voting paper trail legislation
Problem is urgent but some say that other factors are equally to blame for slidshod voting procedures

Changes in e-voting likely coming, experts say
There's a consensus to do something, but it is ahead of the solution, one secretary of state said

U.S. board approves testing of e-voting machines
EAC votes unanimously to approve a manual for testing and certification of e-voting machines

E-voting: US panel changes direction on audit trail
Advisory board passes resolution to draft requirements for independently verifiable voting records

U.S. agency recommends e-voting paper trail
At least one e-voting critic praises the report

Tech groups say they can work with Democrats
Democrats may spend less time on military issues, leaving them free to work on technology concerns

No e-voting backup required in Virginia
Despite using direct-recording electronic voting machines in most jurisdictions, state has paper trail validation methods in place

Watchdog groups report e-voting problems
More than 14,000 calls have already been received at Common Cause, a government watchdog group, and the polls don't close for hours yet

Watchdogs urge people to report e-voting problem
Potential problems include improperly recording ballots, switching votes to other candidates, or crashes as people vote

Few tech changes if Democrats control Congress
Net neutrality and government surveillance programs are notable exceptions, however

IT industry hopes for change after midterms
IT lobbyists hope for end to legislative logjam

Critics: E-voting problems still there
Experts say the system has not improved from the 2004 elections, leaving a "significant concern about the potential for error"

Web site offers to fix elections -- for a price
Thirty political campaigns reps have already inquired about the services from the seemingly satirical site

Google Earth app gets the vote
Google Earth users can link to info about congressional and state candidates in their areas

Diebold source code leaked again
Maryland state legislator receives anonymous disks containing code for electronic voting machines

Cast your vote for IT's future
Learning where candidates stand on technology issues is tough, but worth the effort


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