Microsoft Windows 7

A Mac user's take on the Windows 7 UI
Microsoft tried to reinvent the desktop OS interface with Vista, to little fanfare. Does Windows 7 turn its UI around?

Hands-on video guide to Windows 7
Take a tour through 10 areas in which Microsoft has revamped its venerable OS' workings

Windows 7 beta fights with anti-virus programs
Users of security offerings from McAfee and Norton are reporting that their anti-virus programs won't run on the Windows 7 public beta

Find out if your PC can run Windows 7
InfoWorld releases a free tool so that you can check your system's Windows 7 compatibility, a well as monitor your PC's performance in other areas

Test Center benchmarks: Windows 7 unmasked
Measured by runtime specs and performance benchmarks, Windows 7 M3 looks like Vista, and it runs like Vista. Welcome to Windows Vista R2!

Sorting through the early Win 7 benchmarks
What do the differences among various test results mean about Windows 7 performance? InfoWorld's Randall C. Kennedy shows where they matter, and where they don't.

Windows 7 takes shape
A better Vista is in store for both IT and consumers

Flame war: The great Windows 7 debate
InfoWorld's Randall C. Kennedy and OSNews' Thom Holwerda go head to head over how to assess Windows 7's changes

Windows 7 public beta: First impressions
An early bit of hands-on testing shows that the Windows 7 beta offers some performance and usability improvements over Vista

Expert questions Windows 7 user interface
In a quest to simplify the Windows 7 UI, Microsoft has actually made it harder to use, argues one Windows expert

Programmer unlocks hidden Windows 7 features
Developer posts Blue Badge tool that patches nine system files in Windows 7 and disables the protection scheme Microsoft used to keep eyes off some features that still need work

Griping about the Windows 7 beta
Once again, Randall C. Kennedy finds himself swimming against the Windows 7 tide

Windows 7 in a Virtual PC
Martin Heller installed the Windows 7 public beta on a Virtual PC. All was well until he installed the VM additions

Windows 7: Get it before something else goes wrong
Last week's public beta launch of Windows 7 was yet another embarrassment for Microsoft. But Cringely isn't surprised.

Windows 7 beta in a Virtual PC, II
Martin Heller upgraded Virtual PC 2007 to SP1, and gave the Windows 7 beta the 1024 MB of RAM it needs. Now the VM Additions install, but the sound drivers won't. It's still better than last week.

Windows 7 beta: Unresolved problems
I take the Windows 7 Beta plunge and find the water a bit choppy

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