Apple iPhone 3.0 OS

iPhone tethering could prove a boon to IT managers
iPhone 3.0's tethering capability could replace the need to issue mobile broadband cards to phone users; AT&T declined to discuss its plans for the tethering feature

Developer accidentally triggers iPhone tethering in 3.0 beta
Steven Troughton-Smith stumbled upon the iPhone 3.0's tethering feature, which wasn't intended to be operational until this summer, but he can't replicate his work

iPhone 3.0: An InfoWorld guided tour
Apple's forthcoming update fills a number of important holes for users; here's a sneak peek at the key new features

Jailbreakers get busy on iPhone 3.0 OS
Dev-Team declares iPhone 3.0 'jailbreakable' but doesn't have a timetable for when they plan to release an updated jailbreak tool

Apple posts iPhone event video
The presentation on the new iPhone Software 3.0 has been posted in its entirety on Apple's Web site

iPhone 3.0: A brand-new iPhone in a free update
Apple richly rewards iPhone user and developer loyalty with a generous helping of new operating features and programming hooks

New iPhone capabilities appeal to enterprises
The iPhone's new abilities like push and cut and paste are attractive to enterprise users, but background processing and device management tools still haven't appeared

Apple struts iPhone 3.0, touts 100 new features
Both developers and users will find plenty to like about the iPhone 3.0 OS and SDK; betas are available today, and full releases are expected this summer

App Store to feature subscription, in-app purchases
The iPhone 3.0 update also includes changes to the App Store, which will now allow a subscription model as well as the ability to sell products within the app itself

15 features we'd like to see in iPhone 3.0
Apple has now had more than 20 months to grow and refine the iPhone; here's the list of features we hope we'll see at Tuesday's iPhone 3.0 announcement

What the iPhone OS 3.0 update might really mean
Possibilities may be endless for a mobile device running this OS

Wrap-up from Town Hall: iPhone 3.0 developer beta available today
The new operating system will be generally available this summer, and free to all iPhone users

More from Town Hall: iPhone gets cut and paste
Smooth copy and paste of both text blocks and photos works across all iPhone applications

Live from Town Hall: Apple's iPhone 3.0 is here
The new operating system for iPhone and iPod Touch brings peer networking, push notification, and access to external accessories

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