The Test Center guide to rich Web app dev tools
Frameworks for rich Internet applications can be lightweight or heavyweight, open or closed, and almost anything in between

Product review: Adobe breathes fresh AIR into RIA
Adobe's rich Internet application toolkit lifts Flash and AJAX out of the browser and onto the desktop; debut release shines with light technical requirements and good features, though security and OS integration could go deeper

Product review: WaveMaker’s point-and-click Java
WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio and Rapid Deployment Framework make a fast and simple facade for Hibernate and Tomcat

Product review: Curl 6.0 enrichens the rich Internet toolkit 
Latest release of the RIA development framework is highlighted by easier customization, more sophisticated effects, AJAX interoperability, and a native-looking Mac port

Microsoft Silverlight rivals Flash, AJAX
Redmond's new rich Internet application boasts strong development tools, a small browser footprint, and cross-platform support

Top AJAX tools deliver rich GUI goodness
Backbase, Bindows, JackBe, and Tibco General Interface bring fat features to enterprise Web clients

Product review: Inside open source AJAX toolkits
Dojo, Ext, Google Web Toolkit, jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, and Yahoo User Interface perform amazing tricks with JavaScript; we explore what makes each tick to help you determine which one to pick

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