Microsoft, Yahoo agree on buyout price
Redmond nabs Yahoo's datacenters, Web properties, and ad platform for $47.2 billion

Steve Jobs "miracle" in the valley
Thousands of worshipers flock to view "holy site" of Apple founder in Los Altos garage

Google buys Facebook
Two Web powerhouses unite in $25 billion deal

Apple reveals Mac OS XI specs
iTunes-based operating system puts users in control of CPU task playlists

OLPC offshoring trend heats up
Low overhead, fresh outlooks have IT work headed overseas -- and down the height stack

Study: Don't Know tops IT's to-do list
Nascent technology poised to take hold of enterprise, as CIOs gear up to champion Don't Know as an agent of change

Dell, Intel to team on low-cost laptops
Companies will build hardware to foster education in the developing world

IBM targets Global Services customers with System z
New mainframe product automates accounts payable, invoice fulfillment for Global Services engagements

Apple's plans for iPhone Enterprise Server revealed
Bootleg download from anonymous source provides details of centralized management server for the popular Apple handset

Product review: Two routers make their mark
Cisco and Black & Decker go head-to-head in the medium-workload space

Security study: You will be owned
Spend all you want securing the enterprise, new research contends you're pretty much screwed

Google to acquire U.S. government: What this means for IT
President Bush and CEO Schmidt outline the benefits of the takeover to citizens and shareholders

Hewlett-Packard unveils new green server partnership
Hosted "Windy" servers convert hot air into CPU cycles for small and midsize businesses

Cringely: So long and thanks for all the dish
It's kind of a bittersweet day here in Cringeville. The end of a long wild ride and, hopefully, the start of something better

Social engineering prank frustrates IT
Misled into believing it is on a path to new knowledge, IT finds itself right back where it started

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