CES 2008

UMPCs panned for hardware and design flaws
Vendors from OQO to Lenovo and LG showed off ultramobile PC products with range of innovative features at CES

Slouching toward Convergence 2.0
At CES 2008, the spotlight was on new mobile services, devices that connect to wireless broadband networks, and deals between content companies and computer vendors

Former OLPC CTO aims to create $75 laptop
Mary Lou Jepsen is hoping that Pixel Qi can utilize the technology she developed at OLPC to create low-cost, power-efficient computers and consumer electronics

Digital music industry challenged to follow fans' lead
At Billboard Digital Music Live conference, music industry executives discuss consumer-led changes and what they must do to stay relevant

Vonage hopes new services will improve prospects
Having been battered by intellectual property lawsuits, Vonage is trying to rejuvenate its business with MyVonage servies and new hardware like the V-Portal router

Social networks challenged to remain relevant
Yahoo, AOL, and iMeem discussed at CES the next step for social networks as they continue to evolve and serve the changing needs of their communities

OLPC America to launch in 2008
OLPC America aims to distribute low-cost laptops to needy students in the United States

Vendors look to ease recycling costs on users
HP, Dell, and Sony are among the vendors pushing legislation that will make it easier for users to recycle their consumer electronics

OLPC developing dual-boot Windows, Linux OS for laptops
Microsoft is working with OLPC to put a dual-boot system on laptops aimed at kids in developing countries

OLPC would welcome Intel back
OLPC says it is not anti-competition and never asked Intel to abandon its Classmate PC rival low-cost laptop

FCC chief: Switch to digital TV won't be postponed
FCC chair Kevin Martin has confirmed that the February 2009 deadline to switch to digital TV is still in effect, meaning the 700MHz spectrum auction is also on schedule

Sprint insists its WiMax network is on track
Wireless provider claims that recent setbacks, including CEO's departure and end of major partnership, haven't affected company's plans

Sony demos faster-than-USB wireless transfer system
Sony's Transfer Jet wireless transfer system is capable of sending pictures, video, and data over a range of a few centimeters.

Content discovery issues slow down mobile video takeup
Context-aware, more intelligent network serviceswill make it easier for mobile users to access more content from a mobile phone

Via's Mobile ITX board now expected next year
'Manufacturability issues' prevent Via's supersmall Mobile ITX motherboard from being used in UMPCs and other portable devices this year

3M has projector small enough for cell phones, cameras
3M demonstrates at CES a prototype miniature projector small enough to fit inside portable devices like cell phones, PDAs, or a digital still camera

Lenovo, Toshiba reveal new UMPCs at Intel booth
Intel says the smaller screen sizes and use of the Linux OS make Lenovo's 'Mobile Internet Device' different from Microsoft's ultramobile PCs

Qualcomm focuses on 'pocketable computers'
Qualcomm to take on Intel in the largely untapped market for ultramobile PCs

Otellini sees Internet search coming to users
Intel CEO says Internet will soon be able to recognize a user, anticipate a data search, and deliver related data before a user asks for it

Yang: The future is simple for Yahoo
In CES keynote, Yahoo CEO reveals efforts to make Yahoo portal the starting point for Internet experience, connecting people to a variety of services and devices

New Fujitsu laptops have built-in HSUPA
At CES, Fujitsu showed off a pair of new laptops that will support AT&T's HSUPA, which provides wireless upload speeds of 500Kbps

CEA pushes for free trade at CES
The Consumer Electronics Organization's chief executive, Gary Shapiro, is troubled that free trade is not a given in the current political climate

Panasonic wants to add life to walls
Alliances with Comcast, YouTube, and Picasa will allow improved interactive experiences between Web and TV

Intel to add WiMax to upcoming ultramobile platform
At CES, Intel announced that WiMax will be included as an option in upcoming ultramobiles based on the company's Menlow platform

Panasonic shows 150-inch plasma screen
Measuring 11 feet wide and the size of nine 50-inch plasma TV sets, display is reportedly the biggest flat-panel screen in the world

Gates: Deal-maker, philanthropist, innovator?
Interview: Bill Gates talks about his legacy as an innovator and new directions at Microsoft

iPhone hurt mobile gaming, expert says
Users of Apple's phone may be giving up games they played on other devices, he says

Panasonic launches recycling business
Vendor joins with Sharp, Toshiba to create the Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company

Intel: It's early for mobile quad-core chips
New 45-nanometer CPUs will boost performance, extend battery life

Logitech shows mini-wireless keyboard to control PC on TV
Logitech's diNovo Mini keyboard uses Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology to control PC functions on a TV at a range of around 30-feet from the PC

New Netgear products aim to simplify home networking
Netgear uses new antenna technology to ensures quality streaming despite potential interference from other wireless gear including microwaves and cordless phones

Toshiba defiant on HD DVD: It ain't dead yet
Toshiba has only two major studios, Paramount and Universal, backing its technology after Warner Bros. decision to go exclusively with Blu-ray

Warner's Blu-ray Disc move has industry buzzing
Warner's decision gives Blu-ray Disc an advantage over HD DVD; industry-insiders ask: Could the high-definition format wars be over?

AMD lights Puma platform up with hybrid graphics
AMD's next-generation Puma platform for notebooks will come with processors named Turion Ultra, originally codenamed Griffin

Gates bids adieu to CES, sense of humor intact
Bill Gates kicks off his final pre-show keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show with a video self-parody, before delivering his vision for a connected world of devices and services

Gateway adds gaming PCs to lineup
Systems range from the high-end to ones designed for budget gamers

Yahoo invites third-party mobile widget developers
Yahoo gives mobile users new ways to access its services from their phones, as well as the ability to customize the new Yahoo mobile home page

HP goes high-definition with Pavilion HDX laptop
HP's new multimedia notebook has a 20.1-inch screen that plays back true 1080p HD-TV and gives users the option of an HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc drive to play high-definition movies

Motorola device lets you bring DVR content anywhere you go
Portable broadcast TV player is based on a standard used in Europe, but will be available in the U.S. later

CES and Macworld Expo predictions
Two trendsetting trade shows hit back to back, starting next week. Here's a preview

Asus unveils terabyte laptop
Asus' M70S laptop, sporting dual 500GB drives from Hitachi, will be released at next week's Consumer Electronics Show

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