Google's Android mobile platform debuts.

Update: Google opens Android store to paid apps
Previously, the Android Market only allowed the distribution of apps for free, but now, developers can start charging for their wares

Android G2 rumors abound
The HTC Touch HD phone is rumored to be coming to the U.S. as the T-Mobile G2 phone running Google's Android OS

Ballmer doesn't see Google Android as a competitor yet
Microsoft's CEO says his company presently is more concerned about Symbian and BlackBerry than it is about Google's new mobile OS

A jailbreak for Google's Android
Hack allows users a way to read data on parts of the G1 that are walled off and could be used to install new programs or even a new OS on the mobile phone

Android phone users get update for flaw
Google has issued a patch for an Android security vulnerability that was discovered earlier this week

New Android apps a mixed bag, should improve
Analysts see the first Google Android apps as being similar to the early days of Linux, where the apps were forced to either improve or die off

Motorola cuts platform options to Android and Windows Mobile
By focusing on the two mobile OSes, Motorola hopes to cut production costs and better utilize each platform

Security flaw spotted in G1 Google phone
Security researchers say Android is based on outdated open-source compenents that leave it vulnerable to a perviously known and fixed attack

Android phone launch day relatively quiet
Early response to the T-Mobile G1's launch has been positive but nothing approaching the frenzy Apple's iPhone created

Google set to release Android source code
By making the source code for its mobile OS open, Google expects that a wide variety of applications will appear as well as cheaper and faster phones

Motorola prepares its Android phone
Motorola's Moto-droid will target Apple's iPhone as well as T-Mobile's Android-based offering, the G-1

The Android fine print: Kill switch and other tidbits
Google retains the right to remotely remove applications from users' Android-based phones

T-Mobile lifts 1GB limit on G1 Android phone
Responding to criticism, the operator has lifted the 1GB per month data restriction, though it has not given specific terms for the new data plan

Android to debut in T-Mobile's G1 smartphone
The G1 will be the first Android-based device on the market, but even with Google's open platform, there are limits in place for both users and developers

Google Android is about advertising, not the enterprise
The G1 mobile phone is light on enterprise apps but heavy on ways for Google to expand its search advertising dominance into the mobile market

Update: G1 Android phone is only half 'open,' with T-Mobile lock-in
The new handset boasts Google's mobile OS, but it is locked into T-Mobile's network and does not support Microsoft Exchange

Google introduces Android apps store
Android Market is a concept similar to Apple's iPhone App Store and will feature YouTube-style feedback and rating systems

Users may help to vet Android apps
Mobile operators want reassurance that users won't install troublesome applications if they offer phones based on its Android open-source platform

Update: Google offers Android updates only to contest winners
An Android advocate let slip that Google is supplying Android SDK updates only to a select group of developers, prompting some others to switch their focus to the iPhone

Developers load Android onto Nokia device
Developers have put Google's Android mobile OS on Nokia's N810 open-source handhelds, a development that bodes well for future use of the OS

Developers praise Android at Google I/O
Mobile platform's flexibility and potential, especially in comparison to the Apple iPhone's, touted by developers at Google conference

Google Android on the defensive
Google defends decision to use its own flavor of Java in the Android SDK rather than support the popular C++

Google releases Android SDK
Google is encouraging developers to create apps for its Android mobile platform, even going so far as to offer $10 million in awards for 'innovative and compelling' apps

Google's Android just a press release, says Ballmer
Microsoft's CEO says it's impossible to compare Android to Windows Mobile when Google's mobile platform is 'just some words on paper right now'

Google phones won't challenge iPhone any time soon, says ARM CEO
ARM's CEO says Gphones may take time to catch on because building up a new mobile phone software platform can take years

Analysis: Long odds for Google's ambitious Android
Mobile Java is ubiquitous, but woefully limited. Android wants to put Linux and Java desktop power in mobile developers' hands. Can Google remake mobile application development against the grain of powerful, entrenched competitors?

Google demands non-fragmentation pledge for Android
Interview: Google exec Rich Miner explains why Google decided to launch its own mobile Linux effort when several others already exist

Symbian CEO: Android just another Linux platform
CEO of Symbian says with Google's Android added to the list, Linux is fragmenting faster than it unifies

HTC already working on Google phone
HTC insists its commitment to Windows Mobile is unwavering, but Android could become a potent new rival to Microsoft's OS and other handset OSes

Google's Android may signal change for operators
Google's open source mobile platform, which will make it easier for third-party developers to bring their apps to different phones and carriers, could spawn a wave of innovation

Google's mobile move: awe-inspiring and terrifying
Google aims to radically improve the creation and delivery of mobile online services in the hopes that mobile Web and Internet usage will balloon -- along with online ad revenue

Google's Android adds to mobile complexity
Search giant's dominance and reputation will help Android gain a foothold among cell phone OSes in use, but it joins an already crowded list of options

Google's Android boosts enterprise mobile Linux
The clout of Google and its partners in the Android mobile platform could finally provide the stable, viable Linux option enterprise IT managers have been waiting for

Update: Google details highly anticipated 'Android' mobile platform
Google's Android open-development platform for mobile devices could simplify and reduce the cost of developing mobile applications

Google to announce mobile platform
Google is working with wireless carriers, handset makers, software developers, and hardware providers to prepare an ambitious platform for creating mobile apps

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