Apple and Sony settle 'flaming Mac' suit
Japanese couple whose Mac caught fire when its Sony-made battery went up in smoke receive $12,000 settlement

Toshiba laptop batteries pose fire hazard
Toshiba recalls more defective batteries made by Sony

Gateway recalls 14,000 notebook batteries
Battery cells made by Samsung are the culprit in this most recent incident of overheating laptops

Toshiba blames recalled battery for laptop fire
More than eight months after a recall of models with a certain defective Sony battery, another laptop has caught fire, renewing Toshiba's call to trade in the faulty units

Opinion: More than just a bow
Critics say the Sony CEO's bow during a news conference was confirmation the company wasn't really sorry for the battery woes

Laptop vendors seek better battery standard
Association Connecting Electronics Industries formed after onslaught of battery fires prompted recalls

Fujitsu: Problem with Sony battery
User reports that sparks flew from the replacement battery pack

Acer says it has no need to recall batteries
Acer's battery charging mechanism ensures the small number of its laptops that use Sony materials will not have problems

Batteries push Sony to Q2 operating loss
Sony's operations for the quarter go into the red despite a jump in sales

Gateway to replace Sony-made batteries
Gateway's exchange program will cover 35,000 batteries that have shipped in lapatops since September 2005

Sony details battery problems
Manufacturing problems with stray metallic particles are expected to lead to the replacement of 9.6 million laptop batteries

Sony cuts profit forecast on battery woes
Sony doubles its previous estimate of the costs resulting from massive battery recalls to $430 million

Assault and batteries
Root cause of Sony's battery problems remains unclear and few alternatives to today's lithium ion batteries exist

Sony to recall Vaio laptop batteries
Sony to offer replacements for around 90,000 battery packs

Hitachi joins Sony battery recall
This recall is limited to 16,000 laptops

Fujitsu recalls batteries in 287,000 notebooks
Fujitsu is the fifth company to ask users, dealers to return the affected Sony batteries

Fujitsu details battery exchange plans
Company announces it will take part in Sony's global battery exchange program

Acer in talks with Sony about battery recall
Acer may join the voluntary battery recall even though none of its users have reported problems so far

Dell expands battery recall, Fujitsu considers action
Dell says 'new information' caused it to increase its recall of Sony batteries

Toshiba to exchange a further 830,000 Sony batteries
Toshiba claims there are no safety issues with the battery pack used in certain notebook PCs

Update: Lenovo recalls 526,000 ThinkPads
Company will offer free replacements

Sony plans battery replacement program
Company will work the U.S. and governments in other countries to replace lithium-ion batteries

Update: Toshiba offers to exchange 340,000 notebook batteries
Defective batteries could unexpectedly cut power, causing users to lose unsaved work

Sony puts price on battery problems
Multimillion dollar replacement costs may have effect on company's financials

Update: Apple recalls 1.8 million laptop batteries
Company notes nine instances of minor burns as a result of Sony-built batteries

Qantas cautions on Dell laptops as Sony probes fire
Sony is investigating a report that a Sony Vaio computer burst into flames while charging

Dell gives enterprises options in battery recall
Dell is working with corporate customers to develop strategies for getting their users replacement batteries

Dell recall causes enterprise headaches
Massive battery recall may take months to carry out

Dell batteries head for landfills
Environmental impact of recall should be minimal; company intends to recycle

Sony battery problems could go beyond Dell laptops
Faulty Sony batteries could be inside other companies' laptops, other portable electronic devices

Dell places large laptop battery order
Simplo wins initial order for 400,000 new notebook PC batteries from Dell

Sony to help pay for Dell recall
Sony, who built the batteries in the incendiary laptops, promises to share the as yet undetermined cost of the massive recall

Update: Dell to recall 4.1 million laptop batteries
Citing a fire hazard, company embarks on largest recall in consumer electronics history


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Dell's recall may be called the largest in consumer electronics history, but Sony's batteries aren't the only "hot" ones. Other notable laptop battery recalls:

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>> Dec. 2005: Dell
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>> June 2005: Fujitsu Siemens
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