Technology of the Year awards

Application development
Winners in this category include the best RIA and enterprise mashup platforms, best Java IDE, best BRMS, and best application debugging solution among all of the application development solutions we evaluated in 2007.

Applications and middleware
Award winners represent the best BPM and ESB solutions, the best database middleware, and the best SaaS collaboration and community platforms we tested in 2007.

Data management
Award winners in the data management arena include the best enterprise content management system, the best Web CMS, the best enterprise search solution, and the best document retention system.

Honorees here represent the best blade server systems, the best storage server, the best fault-tolerant server, the best row cooling solution, the best notebook computer, and the best mobile devices we saw in 2007.

Here are our picks for the best aggregation router, best workgroup switch, best Web application accelerator, best WAN accelerator, best network emulation tool, most innovative mobile convergence solution, best IP PBX, and best IP phones of 2007.

The top picks among platform software from InfoWorld Test Center editors and reviewers represent the best operating system, the most innovative server OS, and the best application and desktop virtualization solutions of 2007.

Winners in this group represent the best security products we saw in 2007: the best data leak prevention solution, best fuzzer, best penetration tester, best mail security solution, and the best in Windows client protection.

This year's category winners include the best file system, best SAN solutions, best unified storage solution, best backup solution for SMBs, and best portable drive with encryption.


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