• Manufactured Stress

    Why must we make life harder for ourselves? If five companies can make a widget that works with... more

  • Much Badness

    So groove is still panicking at odd times. NMI errors still in evidence. Tried two different AGP... more

  • Fan Mail

    Hrmph. $10 for UPS ground for a CPU fan? How's that? I should have known. I got the... more

  • Mutiny

    I had actually written a bit to go in this space on how underwhelmed I've been with... more

  • Plug n' pray

    So I get an email from Mike on Saturday morning, asking if I want to meet him at the computer show... more

  • Getting here from there

    Had the pleasure of building a Citrix farm in an NDS world today. Perhaps someone can explain to me... more

  • So close...

    I find myself wanting to use Safari for everything that I can, and finding that I'm wasting... more

  • Kicking and screaming

    I may have reduced my normal communications skills by treading so far down the technical trail that... more

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