• How much is my time worth?

    The story is long, I'll save you the gory details. The gist is that my Nokia 6360 decided to... more

  • Victory?

    [pvenezia@groove pvenezia]$ uptime 10:40pm up 7 days, 21:16, 6 users, load average: 0.19, 0.14,... more

  • Drowning in a Sea of Logic

    Given any suitably complex structure, when does the application of a logical and orderly layout... more

  • Patch Weary

    Not the patches you might think. If there was a Robert's Rules of Networking, it would have... more

  • What value certification?

    RedHat Linux 7.3 was released in May of 2002. I took my RHCE test a few weeks after, and the test... more

  • Better Broadband Bandwidth Management

    Dan Hartmeier's article on selective ACK prioritization producing better performance on async... more

  • Whack-a-mole

    The RIAA continues to prove that they aren't experiencing the same reality as the rest of us.... more

  • It's all about timing

    While checking the mesh VPN this morning, Matt and I discovered that we can, in fact, talk to each... more

  • Of my own making

    Decided at 11:30pm to re-IP my home network to permit a meshed VPN layout through the office....... more

  • Is knowing better?

    Recently, a friend asked me to help him determine what was up with a T1 to a remote office. The... more

  • Without reason

    There's no need for this.... more

  • Severe lack of clue

    When will the madness end? It's no secret that an object in motion tends to stay in motion,... more

  • Beautiful and educational

    If only I had the eye to design pages like this. Eric Meyer's great CSS/edge guide,... more

  • It happens every year

    We've seen the coffeepot RFC, IP via carrier pigeon, and now a new header flag for IPv4. This... more

  • Mea Culpa

    Continuing the battle, groove panicked for no apparent reason again today. On the other hand, I... more

  • Convalesence

    I'm so proud. Groove made it though the night with no bizarre kernel errors echoed to the... more

  • Visuals

    For all those wondering, This is groove: Once it's solid, cable management happens. Notice the... more

  • Groovy

    So... new mainboard for groove today. It's a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra. Nice board... the... more

  • Finally

    Color cellphones with games may be the only way to achieve a bearable subway ride.... more

  • Note to all MoveableType and Mac OS X users

    Kung-Log rocks. Example: Go to site in Safari. Apple-C the URL. Alt-Tab back to Kung Log. Select... more

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