• Serial Killer, or One Cable to Rule Them All

    It seems that many folks don't consider it a problem to reinvent the wheel in code. I try to... more

  • Altered Reality

    SCO. SCO. SCO. If nothing else, it's one hellua way to get their name in print, worldwide.... more

  • With a whisper

    I got an interesting email from a client of mine today. He is the VP of IT for a far flung health... more

  • Who, me?

    Since it's raining again, and I find myself with a few minutes that aren't immediately... more

  • What a Waste

    Nullsoft, everybody's favorite independent geekshop-cum-AOL business unit was given a smack... more

  • Life as a second grade classroom

    I remember second grade fairly well. Lots of letters and numbers, learning how to tell time with an... more

  • SCO, Microsoft and IBM, for better or worse?

    Several weeks ago, I commented to a few friends and coworkers that Microsoft had to be behind the... more

  • Sign of...

    Last Sunday, Carrie wakes me up at 8am to see something I'd never seen in person. Suffice it... more

  • From the why-can't-I files

    WiFi. CDMA. 802.(11|16)(a|b|g), Bluetooth. Why am I still using a battery-powered low watt FM... more

  • 20 Years Later

    The entire world should send Paul Mockapetris a present this week. The Domain Name System (DNS) is... more

  • Got your back

    It's so indescribably nice to see that your reality isn't too far off the beaten path,... more

  • Making a Mark

    Historically, the development of a whole new PC architecture has been the computing equivalent of... more

  • Making the Move

    If a migration to Linux on the desktop occurs at the workplace, but the UI is indistinguishable... more

  • Convergence at the firewall

    Recently, I've been taking a look at a few new IDS/IDP products for an upcoming article. The... more

  • Re-Evolution

    I've been insanely busy the past few days; two large network migrations happening... more

  • Five years and two QuickCams

    I still have my Connectix black-and-white QuickCam. Found it the other day whilst in search of... more

  • OSPF for dialer redundancy

    Posting the Redundant Redundant piece reminded me of an OSPF-based ISDN dialer backup scenario I... more

  • 69/8

    Jared Mauch said it as well as I could. Network administrators trying to add a little bit of... more

  • Redundant Redundant

    The holy grail of peace of mind: network redundancy. What better way to make sure that hardware... more

  • Au Revior, SMTP

    With AOL and Earthlink now blocking all SMTP access from IP addresses deemed residential, a... more

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