• So long, and thanks for the memories

    An icon has been snuffed. Wind River has announced the end of BSD/OS, or BSDi. This isn't... more

  • <RANT>

    Take a deep breath. Count to 10, slowly. Envision a mountain stream with bears fishing, fishes... more

  • Should have done this last night

    After witnessing the sheer volume of virus-laden emails shipped via blues, I decided that sending a... more

  • Should have done this last week

    Finally got some time to drop a simple SoBig.F filter on blues. In 20 minutes, 225 emails were... more

  • Profile of a Duct Tape Tool

    WYSE included D4Time, a freeware utility, to handle the SNTP synchronization of every client, but... more

  • Who are these people?

    I am simply amazed that 1) Someone thought this would work. 2) They're probably right. Ads are... more

  • Don't you go changing

    Woke up the other day to find my Net connection was down. A look at flanders told me that the link... more

  • Two heads are better than one

    For all those curious about the FedEx/Sun monitor debacle, FedEx picked up the broken Sun and told... more

  • Whither Ximian?

    Could we be looking at a full desktop and server Linux distribution from Novell in the near future?... more

  • The Art of Migration

    There are days that things just work the way they're supposed to. I really like those days.... more

  • The whipping boy

    I was reading Jon Udell's post on OS X and sendmail, and emailed him to chat about what I... more

  • Chicken Little

    I suppose that it's just human nature to rubberneck at a traffic accident. The real problem is... more

  • Common Sense

    I was visiting a new client the other day, and came across this in the server room. Every... more

  • How sweet it isn't

    I've been playing around with Xinerama, using a 21" Sun GDM-5410 and an old 19" Dell... more

  • How sweet it is

    For some reason I got it in my head that I wanted to see the correlation between the CPU temp in... more

  • What's going on here?

    It never ceases to amaze me that an IT department head can make decisions without having a shred of... more

  • Do not pass go, do not collect $200

    So I bought a truck today, a 1990 Ford F-250. It's just a plow/utility truck, since I'm... more

  • Epiphany

    Almost two months ago, I was thinking about the current state of videoconferencing on the desktop.... more

  • Christmas Morning

    It's about 3pm EST, noon PST, and Santa Jobs is still talking. more

  • *AN

    I've got to tell you, having 4TB in a home office is really too much. I'm currently... more

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