• MyDoom indeed

    This just isn't cool. ClamAV Statistics... more

  • Moving

    To prepare for my impending house move, I've moved GN to my colo server. If you're... more

  • And so it goes

    As if my weekend wasn't bad enough. I last saw my Nokia 6161 cellphone on Saturday when I was... more

  • Shortcut for IP conversion

    I got sick of spending time converting IP addresses to various formats. ipconv.pl is a quickie CGI... more

  • Case study

    Finally. It's taken Compaq/HP years to design a decent rack server case; years. I recall... more

  • No time

    So it's been awhile since the last post. That was all the way back in 2003, after all. So what... more

  • At the sound of the tone...

    So my previous timezone script needed a makeover. It seems that my client wanted their users to be... more

  • Labyrinth of aggravation

    In theory, it was simple. An older Compaq Proliant 1600R server with a Compaq SmartArray 221 RAID... more

  • Please place your laptops in the upright position

    Thanks to a pending Nor'easter, Jon Udell and I were all but guaranteed a miserable trip back... more

  • Better living through SNMP

    I happened across a OSS package called NeDi the other day. In a nutshell, it's a network... more

  • Ever onward

    Arjan Van de Ven hipped me to a BIOS bug that can be mitigated by passing idle=poll to the kernel... more

  • Mixed nuts

    I've been running through some heavy Linux 2.6.0-test kernel testing lately. It's been... more

  • The Distributed Firewall

    Isn't it a better idea to block unwanted traffic at the source? Here's how that might... more

  • Clouds on the horizon

    Stratton Sclavos is a dangerous man with a very dangerous misconception of life, the universe and... more

  • The Battle of 1394

    When I saw an eBay auction for a Maxtor 250GB external FireWire drive, $225, I couldn't... more

  • Nothing is sacred

    Well, it's been two years... I suppose I shouldn't be too upset, but I'm not taking... more

  • Ahhh

    [pvenezia@soul /]$ host www.nxdomainplease.com Host www.nxdomainplease.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)... more

  • GIGO

    My problem was caused by human error. As we have learned to automate human production, some of us... more

  • Veresigned

    Maybe, just maybe, they underestimated the scope of this change. As of this writing, all the... more

  • Another nail in the coffin

    VeriSign has added a wildcard A record to .COM and .NET. I'm nearly speechless. Here's a... more

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