• Usable Tools

    Fairly often I find myself writing tools to accomplish a specific task that make use of only a... more

  • Tiger Tales

    It's been quite awhile since I upgraded the 12" PowerBook to OS X 10.4.2, and I've... more

  • Toshiba's Tiny Tech

    Toshiba's Libretto line has always tried to be the smallest laptops out there, but the latest... more

  • WiFi KVM

    I was recently contacted by Aten International regarding the IP KVM article I contributed to awhile... more

  • Network telemetry for fun and profit

    For some reason, I've found myself on a network telemetry kick recently. It all started with... more

  • A Smooth RAID

    This isn't news to many hardcore Mac users, but I have to point this out to the uninitiated.... more

  • Update havoc with OS X 10.3.8?

    Blithely, I succumbed to Mac OS X's Software Updates' urgent need to update my old... more

  • NeDi: Cutting to the chase

    Cisco's CiscoWorks management suite is be a great tool for those that can afford it. For the... more

  • Better Living Through Greylisting

    I am in the unfortunate situation of owning and using a decade-old domain that's only three... more

  • Big Time

    The partition had been 99% full for months. I'd deleted, moved, tucked, and shuffled, but... more

  • Munchausen by proxy

    I've met many network admins that consistently refer to their network -- or at least the... more

  • Newbie

    At the moment, I'm finally getting around to installing Fedora Core 3 on a VMWare virtual... more

  • Distractions

    Among other things taking enormous amounts of my time recently, I've updated my ClamAV stats... more

  • HPC, OS X, Gotos considered non-harmful

    Many thanks to Gaurav Khanna for compiling his HPC on OS X site. I'm currently in the middle... more

  • Hue and Cry

    In last week's edition of InfoWorld, I took a close look at four of the most prominent Linux... more

  • Betwixt

    Unfortunately, into every server's life a little rain shall fall. Your bias may lend you to... more

  • A taste of Nocona

    Last week I received a reference server with a couple Intel 3.6Ghz EM64T Xeon (Nocona) CPUs. These... more

  • Scripture, or the simple things

    On the one hand, I love scripts. I write or mangle Perl and bash scripts almost every day to do... more

  • New Bat Time, New Bat Channel

    The whole story is long and painful. It involves a new house and a acute lack of broadband. So,... more

  • Better clams

    As if I have nothing else to do, I've updated clamstats. v0.2 requires LogDate set in... more

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