Mainsoft Webcast w/ Forrester Research: Drive SharePoint Adoption in Lotus Notes Shops

Collaboration is a top IT priority and the key to enabling people to increase the effectiveness of their work while reducing the time, cost, and effort spent working together. But how can you drive mainstream user adoption of Microsoft SharePoint when your users rely on Lotus Notes?

During this Webcast, Yaacov Cohen, CEO of Mainsoft, and featured guest Rob Koplowitz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discuss the latest SharePoint adoption trends; the impact that SharePoint-email integration has on user adoption and efficiency; and IT options for IBM customers that want to promote SharePoint adoption by integrating it with email.  These options include Lotus Notes-SharePoint coexistence and migrating to Outlook and Exchange.

Mainsoft will demo SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes which enables users to:

• Access and publish documents and emails on SharePoint, directly from a Notes sidebar.
• Send document links rather than documents, eliminating version control issues and reducing email storage.
• Collaborate on documents using Lotus Sametime.
• Manage SharePoint events in the Lotus Notes 8.5 calendar, simplifying time management.
• Access SharePoint 2010-based professional networks in Lotus Notes (Enterprise beta release available later in Q1)

Mainsoft will also demo SharePoint integration with Microsoft Outlook.  Available the first half of 2010, the production release will deliver the same document collaboration experience for Lotus Notes and Outlook users, minimizing user training requirements for Lotus Notes companies migrating users to Outlook and Exchange.

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