The non-union union IT might accept
Looking for job protection, health benefits, and legal assistance without a union mentality? The IITW may be for you.

Is tech in more trouble than we think?
The word on the street is that this recession will not be too rough on IT spending. But that analysis may not reflect the latest events

IT workers pushed to the limits
Downsizing, offshoring, and a widening gulf between techies and management -- is IT at the breaking point?

Should IT form a union?
Life for IT workers has never been harsher. Maybe IT should organize and fight back against bosses who demand the impossible and turn to outsourcing as if it were the new scab labor. Then again, maybe not

How to keep your tech career afloat
As outsourcing and downsizing continue, find out what skills and certifications will make you an IT survivor

Financial crisis: The tech innovations at risk
Analytics, SOA, storage networking, and cloud computing providers face huge fallouts as financial customers wither

The 30 skills every IT person should have
An IT manager's guide on how to be better at what you do, no matter how experienced you are

Tech workers: Ready to be a free agent?
Having the right technical skills is only half the battle for an IT contractor in tough economic times

Recession-proof IT jobs
Believe it or not, some tech jobs are still in demand. Find out which ones employers need to fill

Will your IT job survive the financial meltdown?
After the consolidation wave, financial IT jobs could be cut. And cuts in discretionary projects across the board threaten many tech workers.

Bureau of Labor Statistics reports big drop in tech jobs
Almost 50,000 IT positions lost in last 12 months

For a promising IT career, go east, young techie
The U.S. and Europe are slowing down, but hot tech jobs beckon in China, India, and Eastern Europe

Painful lessons from IT outsourcing gone bad
In tough times, companies look to shift tech work to outsiders, whether offshore or down the street. Be careful: This "cure" could be deadly.

How to start up your own tech startup
Follow the dream using advice from entrepreneurs who've made it work

Looking for job security? Try Cobol
As long as there are mainframes, there will be Cobol. Learn the language and the culture and you might land a job that that lasts until retirement

Government study finds H-1B visa fraud
USCIS finds 27 percent rate of fraud in the H-1B visa program, including paying low wages, forging documents, and misrepresenting jobs

Five outside-the-box ways to cut IT costs
Tough choices lie ahead for IT departments. Get ahead of the curve with five cost-cutting tactics designed to hurt less

Advice Line
Bob Lewis knows how IT organizations tick, and he shares that knowledge with you in his Advice Line blog.

Sorting out fact from fiction in the Terry Childs case
San Francisco's network-abuse claims raise more questions than answers

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