Analysts: Bartz won't rush into Microsoft deal
Analysts believe that Yahoo's new CEO, Carol Bartz, probably won't sell Yahoo's search business to Microsoft right away, if at all, despite rumors to the contrary

Ballmer says Yahoo deal better 'sooner than later'
Microsoft's CEO has again hinted that a Microsoft-Yahoo deal could happen, but he also stated that the two companies are not presently in negotiations

Yahoo's Jerry Yang to step down as CEO
Blamed for botching the Microsoft acquistion offer, the Yahoo co-founder will go back to being "Chief Yahoo" and remain on company's board

Yang to Ballmer: Microsoft should buy Yahoo
Yahoo CEO tells his Microsoft counterpart he's ready to come back to the negotiating table with a new asking price

Microsoft: 'No interest' in pursuing Yahoo deal
Microsoft reiterated that it has abandoned its efforts to purchase Yahoo after comments by CEO Steve Ballmer suggested a deal might still be in the works

Yahoo letter to shareholders slams Microsoft, Icahn
Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and Chairman Roy Bostock reiterate in their letter their willingness to sell the entire company to Microsoft for no less than $33 a share

Update: MS says Google/Yahoo deal means less competition
Microsoft executives contend that Yahoo's parternship with Google would give the companies 90 percent of the search advertising market

Yahoo rejects MS proposal, seeks bid for entire company
Yahoo's board said it rejected Microsoft's latest offer because its recent search deal with Google is financially superior and less risky

Update: Microsoft says it would deal with new Yahoo board
Microsoft confirms that if Yahoo's board is replaced, it would be interested in resuming talks to buy its search business or the entire company

Update: Report says Microsoft readying new try for Yahoo
Microsoft wants to acquire Yahoo search and is seeking partners, including Time Warner and News Corp., to take over the rest of Yahoo's business

Yahoo: Microsoft deal would put Yahoo out of search business
Yahoo's board defends its actions, saying Microsoft was not serious about the negotiations

Gates says Yahoo deal 'not likely'
Gates' comments in an interview with Tom Brokaw signal that such talks, if they existed, are now over

Microsoft merger rumor prompts Yahoo trading
TechCrunch is reporting that Microsoft and Yahoo are holding merger talks again, causing more active trading of Yahoo's stock

Microsoft says it offered $9 billion to Yahoo
Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo's search assets for $1 billion and invest $8 billion in the remaining company before talks ended

Plaintiffs seek annulment of Yahoo severance plan
Shareholders suing Yahoo want the judge to invalidate a 'poison pill' employee severance plan before the company's annual shareholders meeting on Aug. 1

Update: Icahn blasts Yahoo again
In his latest missive targeting Yahoo's Roy Bostock, Carl Icahn claims the Yahoo chairman needs to justify his salary and release his time sheets

Icahn to Yahoo: Sell to Microsoft for $49.5 billion
In a letter to Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock, Carl Icahn urged the company to agree to an acquisition by Microsoft for $5 billion more than the initial offer

Yahoo denies 'poison pill,' Icahn accusations
Roy Bostock fires new salvo in the war of words between Yahoo's board and Carl Icahn, saying the investor has 'no other plan' for the company other than merging with Microsoft

Icahn fires off scathing letter to Yahoo directors
Outspoken investor blasts Yahoo board and co-founder/CEO Jerry Yang over alleged maneuvers to scare away Microsoft from pursuing acquisition bid

Yahoo will hold annual shareholder meeting on Aug. 1
Shareholder meeting promises to be contentious, as Yahoo grapples with the fallout over resisting Microsoft's acquisition offer

Report: Icahn will seek Yang's removal
In a recent interview, Carl Icahn says he will try to oust Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang in order to steer the company toward acquisition by Microsoft

Shareholder lawsuit claims Yahoo derailed Microsoft bid
Judge decides to unseal documents filed by shareholders suing Yahoo over its handling of Microsoft's takeover offer

Ozzie hints at Microsoft's search future, downplays Yahoo
Ray Ozzie says Microsoft is mulling changes to its own search engine to add features beyond the usual keyword-based technology

Update: Yahoo postpones board meeting, director resigns
Edward Kozell has resigned from Yahoo's board, and the company has pushed back its board meeting as it deals with Carl Icahn's threatened proxy fight

Yahoo's shadow overhangs Microsoft ad conference
Microsoft largely avoided even mentioning Yahoo as it discussed its strategy of R&D-aided growth and acquisition of smaller companies

Report: Google holds meeting on revived Microsoft-Yahoo deal
Google execs met to discuss strategy options for Microsoft's interest in buying some of Yahoo's assets

Partial Microsoft-Yahoo deal won't appease investors
Experts say unhappy Yahoo investors bet too much money on MS acquisition of the beleaguered Web company

Analysts: Microsoft likely eyeing Yahoo search assets
Microsoft seems to have rethought its plan to buy all of Yahoo

Update: Microsoft puts new Yahoo deal on the table
A possible new deal would have Microsopft acquire just part of Yahoo; Yahoo says it will study the proposal

Microsoft puts new Yahoo deal on the table
The latest move in the difficult courtship hints at an investment in Yahoo if not an outright acquisition.

Update: Yahoo tells Icahn that its own board knows best
Yahoo claims that Icahn's proposal shows a 'significant misunderstanding' of how Microsoft's buyout offer was handled

Does Icahn have a backup plan?
Carl Icahn is trying to force Yahoo back to the bargaining table with Microsoft, but if Microsoft is no longer interested, he'll need to have other options available

Carl Icahn's letter to Roy Bostock
In his letter to Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock, billionaire investor Carl Icahn calls Microsoft's bid of $33 per share 'a superior alternative to Yahoo's prospects on a standalone basis'

Icahn takes on Yahoo board
Icahn has sent a letter to Yahoo's board charging it with acting irrationally and losing the faith of shareholders and Microsoft

Report: Icahn to launch proxy fight against Yahoo
Carl Icahn is proceeding with his plans force Yahoo back to the bargaining table with Microsoft; along with other large investors, he could unseat Yahoo's entire board

Update: Icahn mulling Yahoo proxy fight
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn wants Yahoo to re-establish talks with Microsoft and is willing to wage a proxy fight to force the company back to the negotiating table

Microsoft's options, post-Yahoo
With the Yahoo acquisition all but dead, Microsoft will need to make other moves to boost its Web business

Yahoo, Microsoft: Off again ... on again?
Reports of the death of the Microsoft-Yahoo deal could be greatly exaggerated as there is still a possibility that both sides will return to the bargaining table

Yahoo shareholders eye board ouster after failed Microsoft bid
Yahoo shareholders are still shocked that the company turned down Microsoft's acquisition attempt and are looking to replace the board in response

Microsoft won't pursue other partnerships, says Gates
Gates says Microsoft will focus on its independent strategy, not tie-ups or takeovers, to replace its failed Yahoo bid

Microsoft GM to Yahoo: Good-bye to you
Now that its bid for Yahoo has failed, Microsoft must explain how it plans to accomplish all the goals it had been saying Yahoo would help it with

Under pressure, Yang still open to higher Microsoft bid
The Yahoo CEO says that while Microsoft walked away from the deal, he is still open to a buyout but would need a higher price

Yahoo faces shareholder ire over failed Microsoft bid
General class-action lawsuit accuses Yahoo of failing to act in the best interest of shareholders in rejecting Microsoft's bid

Yahoo shares take a hit on Monday
On the first day of trading after Microsoft abandoned its efforts to acquire the company, Yahoo shares closed down 15 percent

Three companies Microsoft could buy instead of Yahoo
A look at the merits and disadvantages to Microsoft acquiring AOL, LinkedIn, and ValueClick

Sizing up Microsoft and Yahoo: Did anybody win?
Microsoft likely will increase the pressure on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the proposed advertising joint venture between Yahoo and Google, analyst says

Yahoo's stock slides as U.S. markets open
Investors react to Microsoft's decision over the weekend to give up on acquiring Yahoo

Microsoft and Yahoo: Now what?
Yahoo must articulate very quickly what its strategy is now, while Microsoft should change course and stop vowing to catch Google in search advertising, analyst says

Google's shadow hung over Microsoft-Yahoo deal
Google served as the ammunition that Yahoo needed to discourage Microsoft from launching a hostile takeover

Ballmer's withdrawal letter to Yang
Microsoft CEO says it is not sensible to take Microsoft's offer directly to Yahoo shareholders as that would necessarily involve a protracted proxy contest

Microsoft abandons Yahoo acquisition
Microsoft has dropped its three-month-long pursuit of Yahoo after raising its initial bid by about $5 billion, to $33 per share, failed to convince Yahoo

Reports: Microsoft and Yahoo try to work it out
The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal report that talks between the companies have suddenly gathered steam

Report: Yahoo could run Google ads next week
Ad agreement with Google would make it more difficult for Microsoft to take over Yahoo

Report: Microsoft close to hostile bid for Yahoo
Ballmer: 'I will go to what I think it's worth if that gets a deal done'

Update: Microsoft board meets over Yahoo bid
With the Microsoft-Yahoo buyout conflict at a stalemate, Microsoft's board is meeting to discuss the company's next move to get the deal done, or if it should walk away

Microsoft/Yahoo deadline passes with no deal
Microsoft must decide whether to pursue a hostile takeover via a proxy fight or drop its bid to acquire Yahoo

Microsoft considers life without Yahoo
Microsoft believes it has the engineering talent to succeed in the online ad market even without the acquisition of Yahoo

Ballmer: Microsoft could walk away from Yahoo deal
CEO says acquiring Yahoo is essential to Microsoft successfully competing against Google in the online advertising business, but the company will go forward alone if need be

Report: Yahoo, AOL may combine; News Corp. may make bid
Possible deal between Yahoo and AOL is a bid to thwart a Microsoft takeover, but News Corp. reportedly is in talks with Microsoft to jointly bid for Yahoo

Update: Yahoo again rebuffs Microsoft in letter
Yahoo's CEO Jerry Yang calls Microsoft's threat to begin a proxy battle 'counterproductive' and says Microsoft's falling stock price has devalued the value of its takeover bid

Microsoft to Yahoo: Make deal or face proxy fight
CEO Steve Ballmer calls Microsoft's takeover bid 'generous' and threatens to lower the price if it is forced to mount a proxy battle

Report: Microsoft, Yahoo execs meet again on takeover talks
Microsoft and Yahoo reportedly could not reach agreement on the acquisition deal

Update: Yahoo to Microsoft: Cheapskate
Yahoo continues to say it's worth much more than Microsoft offered; reportedly Yahoo is trying to reject Microsoft's offer without making itself liable to shareholder lawsuits

Report: Microsoft, Yahoo enter tentative discussions
Microsoft and Yahoo execs met for the first time this week to discuss Microsoft's $44.6 billion takeover bid

Ozzie: Microsoft needs Yahoo for Web, advertising plan
In his keynote at MIX 08, Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie talked about how the ongoing attempt to acquire Yahoo fits in with Microsoft's long-term plans

Yahoo acts to discourage Microsoft's proxy fight
A decision to move the deadline for nominating directors to its board is Yahoo's latest maneuver to buy itself more time to seek alternatives to Microsoft's acquisition bid

Ballmer: Yahoo still in Microsoft's sights
Microsoft's CEO would not say whether the company plans to pursue a proxy fight to remove Yahoo's board

Microsoft letter hopeful, vague on Yahoo deal
Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft's platforms and services division, sent a letter to employees that expressed hope that Yahoo would be acquired but was thin on details

Yahoo protects employees in case of Microsoft takeover
Yahoo introduces new severance plans to provide economic benefits to employees in the event their employment is terminated by Microsoft or another acquirer

Report: Microsoft to launch Yahoo proxy fight
Microsoft's attempts to acquire Yahoo turn uglier as the company prepares for a proxy fight to oust Yahoo's board

Yahoo board reported split over Microsoft bid
CEO Yang is strongly opposed to selling Yahoo; some board members fear rejecting the takeover bid could expose the board to lawsuits by shareholders

Microsoft executive shakeup prepares for Yahoo acquisition
Microsoft has confirmed that there will be some changes in high-level management, a move analysts think is being made with the Yahoo acquisition in mind

Yahoo sends letter to shareholders over Microsoft bid
CEO Jerry Yang says Yahoo wants to take advantage of a 'unique window of time' in the growth of online ads to build market share and create value for stockholders

Report: News Corp., Yahoo in talks to fend off Microsoft
News Corp. is reportedly in talks to acquire as much as 20 percent of Yahoo as the Web portal searches for alternatives to Microsoft's buyout offer

Microsoft hints at Yahoo hostile takeover
Microsoft said that its $44.6 billion offer was 'fair' and said that it may take the matter up directly with Yahoo's shareholders

What's behind Yahoo's rejection of Microsoft bid?
Analysts think the deal will eventually happen and see Yahoo's rejection as a strategy to draw a higher bid from Microsoft and not as a refusal of the offer altogether

Update: Yahoo says Microsoft offer undervalues company
Yahoo's latest moves mean Microsoft may have make a more generous offer or pursue a hostile takeover; Yahoo says its board will continue to evaluate other 'strategic options'

Report: Yahoo plans to reject Microsoft's $44.6B buyout bid
Yahoo board reportedly has determined the offer 'massively undervalues' the online services company and puts Yahoo at business risk should the agreement not be approved

Microsoft's price for Yahoo loses value
With dip in Microsoft's share price and rise in Yahoo's, Yahoo is potentially worth more than Microsoft's offer; potential takeover could be vulnerable to higher bids

Zimbra customers spooked by Microsoft's Yahoo bid
Zimbra users fret that the open-source competitor to Microsoft Exchange will be shut down if Microsoft successfully buys Yahoo

Yahoo still mulling its options, Yang says
Yahoo is said to be 'lukewarm' on Microsoft's buyout offer and is hoping a counteroffer or even a deal with Google will emerge that will allow it to stay independent

Microsoft-Yahoo deal: What about developers?
Microsoft says part of its reason for attempting to buy Yahoo is to expand its developer community

Ballmer rebuffs Google's anticompetitive rant
Microsoft CEO cedes ground to Google, admitting the company's rival 'clearly' has a dominant position

Yahoo started small and grew fast
Yahoo has deep roots, and what Jerry Yang and David Filo built was revolutionary for the time

Google, Microsoft trade barbs over Yahoo bid
Google's statement indicates it could be preparing to push regulators to disallow the deal -- if it is accepted by Yahoo

The real reason Microsoft wants Yahoo
Yahoo's server farm horsepower and development expertise will help Microsoft deliver new Web business apps

Yahoo a mere front end for Microsoft hosted apps?
Among other considerations, Microsoft is attempting to acquire Yahoo in order to use the site's built-in audience and network to push its own Web offerings

Microsoft could stumble in quest for ad speed
Microsoft's offer to buy Yahoo is fueled by a desire to boost its online ad revenue, but integration between the companies will be tricky and could doom the undertaking

Yahoo bid could backfire lest Microsoft changes ways
Microsoft is used to buying smaller companies, then absorbing and rebranding their products, but if it buys Yahoo, it will need to rethink its merger strategy

Privacy groups vow to fight Microsoft-Yahoo deal
CDD and EPIC say the acquisition would raise serious privacy concerns, but the DOJ and FTC may have little grounds to oppose a Microsoft-Yahoo merger

Update: Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion
Microsoft says merging with Yahoo will allow it to offer a competitive alternative to Google in the market for online services

Microsoft's offer to Yahoo's board
CEO Steve Ballmer offers Yahoo a 62 percent premium above its closing price and cites the ways in which the companies might work together in the online marketplace

Video: Microsoft-Yahoo analysis
Yahoo says it will carefully consider Microsoft's unsolicited $44.6 billion offer

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