Macworld 2009

IBM gives Lotus Notes for Mac a makeover
Notes 8.5 adds integration with social calendaring Web sites, and IBM releases a beta version of its free Lotus Symphony productivity suite

First Look: Apple's Numbers ’09
The latest incarnation of Apple's spreadsheet brings new templates and enhanced charting, among other improvements

REAL Server 2009 due in February
Latest version of cross-platform database server brings re-engineered asynchronous architecture, among other improvements

Is iWork '09 an Office competitor?
Microsoft Office has always worked just fine for one reporter. Until now, that is

Cisco brings WebEx to iPhone
Free app lets iPhone users enter meetings without WebEx subscription

Microsoft touts Mac-Windows collaboration
Microsoft announces Document Collaboration Companion and an Entourage update, its first moves toward providing Mac customers with some services Windows users enjoy

Apple says goodbye to Macworld, without Jobs
Apple's Macworld keynote, the company's last one as it will not participate in future Macworld conferences, was devoid of groundbreaking product announcements

iTunes Store goes DRM-free
At the Macworld Expo, Apple announced several updates to the iTunes store, the biggest of which is DRM-free music

Apple adds productivity features to iWork
At the Macworld Expo, Apple announced iWork '09, which now includes the Keynote Remote app that lets users control presentations from an iPhone or iPod

Apple lacks broad corporate strategy but sees gains
Several surveys find that Mac usage has spiked dramatically upward in the enterprise

IBM finalizing free Symphony office suite for Macs
Big Blue's alternative to Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, and OpenOffice will become available later this month

Why businesses are embracing Macs
A trend of IT letting users manage their own PCs often leads to Mac adoption

Analysts expect evolutionary products at Macworld
Speculation abounds about new products Apple might unveil

Five things Apple needs to do at Macworld
Apple has the chance to make this Macworld, which it claims is its last, a most memorable one

Jobs says he has 'hormone imbalance'
Apple chief says he'll continue as CEO during his recovery

iPhone applications get down to business
InfoWorld picks the best iPhone apps for connecting with business systems and boosting mobile productivity

Apple kills DRM dead -- finally
Digital rights management is finally pushing up daisies -- at least for music. But did Steve Jobs pay too high a price? Cringe has the skinny.

Apple won't be missed at Macworld Expo
Here's to future Macworld Expos featuring keynote speakers who don't have to walk eggshells to avoid alienating Apple

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