Surprise! Tech is a safe career choice today
Despite the real issues IT pros have with their jobs, they're better off than with most other professions

Five top spending priorities for hard times
Which areas of IT spending will get funded when money is tight? We roll together projections from Forrester, Gartner, and IDC with answers from real-world CIOs

Bad news gets worse for IT
This week Intel cut revenue guidance, Google shares sank to multiyear low, and Sun slashed up to 18 percent of its workforce

New regulations will soon swell IT workloads
Government's response to the financial meltdown will require major tech initiatives for compliance, despite the recession's cutbacks

Economy likely to stall new enterprise mobile apps
Despite emergence of iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry app stores, businesses probably won't expand use of mobile phones through new software

Economic woes may lower SaaS prices CFO indicates company is ready to lower prices to stay competitive during global economic crisis

Can outsourcers survive the economic storm?
Many IT execs have decided to cut overall spending, but relatively fewer are reducing the amount they put toward outsourcing services, according to a Forrester survey

Recession-proof IT jobs
Believe it or not, some tech jobs are still in demand. Find out which ones employers need to fill

IT spending hit won't rival dot-com bust, Gartner says
In the United States, Gartner expects existing 2008 budget plans to not change significantly and forecasts spending in 2009 to remain flat

Gartner: Financial meltdown may mean hiring freezes
Analysts aren't ruling out the possibility of IT budget cuts as deep as 20 percent at some businesses

Amid economic turmoil, IBM reports jump in net income
IBM says its profit outlook for the full year remains on track, which may help calm technology investors

Microsoft, other IT firms seek payment from failed bank WaMu
Economic meltdown is sure to slow IT spending overall, but many analysts still expect most of the big vendors to be able to weather the storm

The IT worker's Wall Street meltdown worry list
What you need to know about the financial crisis' impact on one of the most important of areas in tech: your job

Wall Street woes won't take down tech
Gartner reassures that IT spending is faring better than the overall economy and predicts the sector will avoid a recession in 2008, although IT budget growth will slow

House struggles to deal with bailout-related e-mail deluge
Emergency traffic management measures are implemented after a fourfold increase in the amount of e-mail coming in via the House's Web site

Will your IT job survive the financial meltdown?
After the consolidation wave, financial IT jobs could be cut. And cuts in discretionary projects across the board threaten many tech workers.

Will the downturn accelerate cloud computing?
No one expects mass adoption, but analysts anticipate companies will take a much closer look at cloud computing services, thanks to the low cost of entry

Stock smackdown hits tech harder than most
Compared with businesses in general, IT companies both need more cash and have less of it on hand

Financial crisis: The tech innovations at risk
Analytics, SOA, storage networking, and cloud computing providers face huge fallouts as financial customers wither

How IT could have prevented the financial meltdown
The tools are largely there, but not the visibility needed for regulators and banks to catch problems early

Will the financial meltdown slow IT innovation?
Capital markets have been key drivers of cutting-edge technology, calling into question the impact the financial crisis will have on the vanguard of IT

Oracle OpenWorld: Economy fears not yet stopping IT spending
Attendees show little concern the financial crisis will hurt tech projects

Let's turn over the search for a way out of the financial crisis to computer scientists
Why not reconfigure the problem as a computer "what if" analytics question and let the computer scientists solve it?

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