Technology advancements on several fronts -- XQuery, 64-bit computing, and SOA, to name a few -- are gaining momentum, thanks to the ideas and efforts of these groundbreaking individuals. We are pleased to honor those who are leading the way with their ingenuity.

OpTier takes holistic approach to performance
Amir Alon, Yori Lavi, and Israel Mazin

Memory Firewall monitors apps at run time
Saman Amarasinghe, Derek Bruening, and Vladimir Kiriansky

Zetera: Storage at the speed of light
Bill Babbitt, Bill Frank, and Tom Ludwig

Sonic’s ESB takes new approach to fail-over
Bill Cullen

BladeLogic brings order to datacenter chaos
Vijay Manwani

Event stream processing advances Web services and RFID
Mark Palmer

I link, Airgo I am
Greg Raleigh

Cure for the common code gives apps more flexibility
Alasdair Rawsthorne

XQuery blankets the enterprise thanks to major collaboration
Jonathan Robie

DTrace and Predictive Self-Healing herald Sun’s future
Bryan Cantrill, Stephen Hahn, Adam Leventhal, Cynthia McGuire, Andy Rudoff, and Michael Shapiro

JotSpot: Something Wiki this way comes
Graham Spencer and Joe Kraus

AMD’s road map boasts superb cartographer
Fred Weber

Innovators to Watch in 2006
Dan Farmer, Scott Gidley, Ken Hardwick, Paul Judge, and Andre Yee


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