Organic SOA: Developing a sustainable lifecycle
Creating a scalable service-based enterprise ecosystem requires a broad architectural vision

Planning an SOA: Gathering around the drawing board
Involve stakeholders from all over the enterprise, and with the right tools you can model a robust SOA foundation

SOA domain analysis: All about data and services
SOA is all about using what you have -- but discovering all the data and service resources already in place is a huge undertaking

SOA service design: Developing for the future
You can't separate service creation from the big picture, but start small and stick to standards if you want to scale

SOA services deployment: Putting theory into practice
Rigorous testing is the name of the game, complemented by policies that nail down what service consumers can and cannot do

SOA management: Governance plus intermediaries
Management is what distinguishes SOA from a bucket of services. Here's how to publish and proxy services for a fully scalable system


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