A field guide to software as a service
Hosted-application providers offer everything you need for a totally outsourced datacenter -- almost

Can you try software as a service before you buy it?
Our survey of SaaS vendors showed that some offer a trial run before you commit

Four-way CRM shootout
We fire up the top hosted CRM solutions from RightNow, NetSuite, Salesnet, and Salesforce.com and put them through their paces

Content control on demand
Touting lower costs and fewer headaches, the hosted CM model is making a run at the enterprise

Point/Counterpoint: Software as a service
How quickly and broadly will IT adopt hosted applications?

Is this the end of IT as we know it?
If you believe the hype, in a few years all enterprise software will be delivered as a service. At the least, you’ll have the luxury of outsourcing many commodity apps


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