2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Skip Crilly
CTO's insight into FCC regulations gave him the edge in extending the range of Vivato's wireless technology to unheard-of distances

2003 InfoWorld Innovators: Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, and Steve Tuecke
The leaders of the Globus Project are pushing the limits of grid computing and taking it to the enterprise with the Globus Toolkit

2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Jaap C. Haartsen
Chief scientist's mission to create standout technology for Ericsson turned into a boon for all cell phone users

2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Foster D. Hinshaw
Netezza CTO used aerodynamics to invent a large-scale database appliance that handles data in a whole new way

2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Kingsley Idehen
OpenLink Software's CEO followed his scientific instincts to build Virtuoso, a wildly innovative virtual database for SQL, XML, and Web services

2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Rich Oehler
IBM Fellow's dream of building a high-performance computer with a PC price tag led to the Opteron-based Newisys 2100

2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Jean Paoli
The patience of Microsoft's XML evangelist pays off as Office 2003 brings rich XML support to the desktop

2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Greg Papadopoulos
With an eye toward making computers work better, Sun's CTO is turning science fiction into reality with N1

2003 InfoWorld Innovators: Julian Satran, Kalman Meth, Constantine Sapuntzakis, Mallikarjun Chadalapaka, and Efri Zeidner
The IP Storage Working Group's iSCSI champions from IBM, HP, and Cisco finally see their protocol ratified and gaining acceptance

2003 InfoWorld Innovator: Pat Selinger
IBM Fellow's focus on database technologies, such as autonomics and federation, is making the On Demand strategy a reality

Ones to Watch in 2004: Applications on the bleeding edge
The technologists behind service-oriented Java, quantum encryption, and mesh networks are leading IT into the future

2003 Hall of Fame: a passion for innovation
Four technologists join our Hall of Fame ranks for their ground-breaking work on the first portable cell phone, the Power4 chip, the free software movement, and MDaemon

Technology power
We honor 16 pioneers who advanced the science of IT

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